Sunday, June 15, 2014


Around here we are busy and I have no time for T time, sad face
Around here Summer is still in Driver's Ed and VBS starts this week
Around here I must get in my car 5 times a day to go somewhere
Around here Summer and I are walking the track before 7 each morning
Around here my free mornings aren't much now with bible and walking
Around here I'm sooo happy to have the kids home with me
Around here the garden is doing very well and we have LOTS of strawberries
Around here Renee is excited about her job at DQ, YAY
Around here I'm still making ICAD's and loving them
Around here I'm going to join Susan and doing a sketch a day, YAY
Around here I'm thinking of making "inchies" sooo cute
Around here we went to the pool today, YAY
Around here we went to watch the sunset and my camera didn't work
Around here the girls are excited for their new summer shows to start
Around here lots of bike rides are happening
Around here there is green everywhere and I can't stop saying it, lol
Around here life is good and I am so very happy and blessed.
I'm taking the week off from blogging, no time in the mornings now with walking with summer early before the sun is too hot and taking the kids to their things and reading my bible and study books. I don't like to link up somewhere if I can't visit back so I will be back next week when it should be a little easier, all 3 kids will be at either camps or work for the a few hours each day giving me a little quiet time. Will share then because I have some pretties to share and fun pictures.
Have a good week!! Hello Nancy!!


  1. This sunset in the photo was taken last week from my deck. It was even more gorgeous then in the photo. LOVE THIS!!

  2. It sure sounds like a busy week! Have fun!

  3. Hi Dawn! I always love your sunset photos and this one is extra beautiful! Great post too. Sounds like you are just as busy as me! Take care and thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. Hi Dawn loved reading your post and the photo that you have posted is amazing. You are sooo busy with the kids but so glad to hear that you are enjoying it. Hopefully I' can see your art next week. Daily sketching is getting tough on me, inspiration is not always knocking on my side yet i'm planning to do as many sketches as i can.
    Have a great week

  5. Sounds like you are VERY busy, especially since things other than the computer take up your time. Sounds like you are making lots of art, too. I've made a few inchies, but I don't like working that small. Even ATCs are a bit too small for me. Look forward to seeing yours, though.

    Thanks for dropping by while Summer was at VBS. We make time for things as time permits, I suppose. After all, look how far behind I am visiting you.

    have a fun week and enjoy those daily sketches.

  6. Beautiful photo, Dawn! I just wanted to stop by to say "hi" and to see how you are doing. Yes, it does get hot so quickly these days. I hope you enjoyed your week and I am looking forward to seeing you back next week, my sweet friend! HUGS to you!