Monday, June 9, 2014

T stands for lasT day of school Treats!!!

Hello and Happy Tuesday, you know what happens today! We head over to Elizabeth's  and share what's in our cup today. I'm not sharing a cup today though instead it's ICE CREAM from our last day of school DQ tradition. So, last Friday was the last day and it was a hot sunny one and perfect for getting a treat afterward. We've had some years that it's either rainy or cold and we have to go thru the drive-thru, not as much fun as sitting outside and eating it. The last day couldn't come quick enough for these kids, they are happy to be out and start having summer fun!!
Can't believe these two will start 7th grade in a couple months, YIKES!! They had a good first year of middle school and I hope it continues this way for them. Love these two together, Sam and Cam!
I love this cute one of my mom, HI MOM!! Look at Ryan smiling and not sure about Summer in the back, lol.  The kids aren't that thrilled to get pictures so I have to get what I can get. This was the first time my mom got to join us in this tradition. My sister Annie had to work otherwise she would have been here too. Maybe for the next celebration since she lives close by now, YAY!!
Here are my 3 that morning before leaving. Can't believe in a year Renee will be graduated and Summer will be starting her senior year next. Time goes so fast! Love seeing Sam between the girls, it gets me each time. I always wanted a brother and am so thankful they have one, even if they don't think so all the time, lol.  Let's hope we survive this summer without too much fighting !!
Last but not least by any measures, is this beautiful young lady!! Sienna is moving up to first grade right now and my heart is filled with so many emotions about this. She may not be mine but she is soooo dear to me and loved so very much!! I'm blessed each time I get to babysit her and be a part of her growing up. This was from last Monday which was the only day I watched her and had to pick her up at the bus stop. She had such a great year and this bus driver was so good and Sienna loved her. I made sure to thank her and tell her how appreciative we were for that!! She is so ready for summer because of swimming ( her favorite thing to do) and it will be her birthday next month. Can't believe Sam was starting first grade when I started babysitting Sienna, in a blink of an eye it's her that's this age now, no more blinking for me! Happy last day Sienna!!
I want to say a BIG THANK YOU for all the sweet comments on my mom last week!! Remember those shoe shots I was telling you about from my Insta-gram friends. I added them into my Project Life for that week and the pictures are in the post below if you want to see them.
I'm about to announce what the next photo challenge will be if any of you would like to play along, let me know. You don't need IG to play, will just do it thru my blog and have you share it with us here. Let me know in the comments if your interested.
Today also starts the SOC for week one, did you stop and see the colors??WOW they are awesome! Click on the Summer of Colors badge on the side of my blog to see more!
Thanks for visiting and have a great day!


  1. Hello Dawn,

    Never been here before but I do know Elizabeth & Bluebeard well. I am joining in the T thing for the first time and really enjoying getting around to new blogs. Gosh you are in summer and we are in winter down in Australia, I so wish I could be in the summer warmth with you all now. Treats at the end of school term what a great tradition.

    Happy Tuesday
    Hugs Eliza 8

  2. It's time for summertime ice cream treats. I'm sure y'all have lots of fun planned!

  3. How fast the kids are growing! Sienna looks so tall in this picture. Your Mom's photo looks great, love her top.I too saw the SOC colors but still haven't decided on anything. Would love to know the photography theme, but not sure if I can take part,
    Sorry, to hear that the link didn't work for you Dawn. Still I'll let you know if any other classes are there.
    Happy Tuesday

  4. I love seeing so many happy faces and you are certainly one special grandmother to them all. Nothing like an ice cream treat on a hot summery day.Happy T day!

  5. You are blessed with great kids in your life! Love that ice cream tradition on the last day of school...they do grow so fast...and you won't believe how fast the senior year will go by! don't know if college is in her future, but the counselors will be after the kids to do applications. It's a whirlwind of activities & deadlines, and I bet you will document it all in photos! have a great summer!

  6. Happy T Day! We had ice cream, albeit Cold Stone, to celebrate the end if the school year, too. Have a great summer. I'll see you around for SOC and, of course, Tipuesdays.

  7. Yay, Dawn. School's out for the summer! And who doesn't love a good ice cream cone! Sure beats most other bevereages (including tea) anyday! Cheers to the summer.

  8. I like that tradition of ice cream at the end of school. Those kids are growing fast. At least Renee (and eventually Summer) has the knowledge that Kristin must surely has passed on for having a great senior year. Speaking of Kristin, it won't be long now, will it?

    The kids look happy. Bet they won't be if, as talk has it, school will soon be in session year round. Kids need a bit of a rest, but probably not three months. I just hope they have a great summer, and I'm sure you'll document it in photos and on your blog.

    Thanks for sharing this last day of school tradition with us for T this Tuesday.

  9. Your group looks ready to start enjoying summer! Making memories, too. Happy T Day!

  10. Sweet to see all those happy faces and ice cream is a perfectly wonderful tradition any time of year but an especially nice way to kick off summer vacation ...
    Here :) Here!!!

    Enjoy the different schedule...
    I know the best part for me when our boys were school age was not having to get up at o'dark in the morning.

    Happy T Day to you Dawn

  11. What a way to say good bye to the school year and Hello!! to summer!
    Happy T to you

  12. Gosh your kiddiwinks finish for summer early. Ours here have another month yet.
    Great photos there to share. Mmmmn Fancy an ice cream in front of the fire now! Cannot be bothered to walk to the sheds to get the ice cream in the rain.

  13. Ah summer! We've only had one adventure so far and hardly left our "bubble". It was fun to hear the laughter...see the smiles...and not the cross teenage looks.
    Happy Tuesday!

  14. Hi Dawn! I love summer! Kids just grow up way to fast! I look at my kids now and think "how can it be?" lol
    Thanks for stopping by for some T today!

  15. they do grow up so fast! lovely family and deserving of lots of Treats!
    thanks for welcoming me to the T community, visiting me! and your kind words.
    robyn 3

  16. They grow up so darn fast!! What a wonderful family. And a fun tradition. Who doesn't like ice cream--LOL!
    Happy T-Day! :)

  17. Ah well, a family is something I don't ha

  18. sorry, have, but I love looking at your pictures.Re your comment on my blog, I love pretty things and like to keep them in cases to look at and touch, probably because the rest of my house is such a mess!