Monday, June 23, 2014


Hello,  I am back again ready to share some fun stuff today. It's been a crazy busy start to our summer vacation, busiest we've ever been in June I think. With Summer and I walking in the early morning hours before the sun comes out and she had to be at Driver's Ed my quiet morning time isn't as long now. I knew it would be easier if I just stayed off the computer all week,  things should be better after this week. I must say I've never driven around town so much in a short amount of time, it will quiet down after this week though and hopefully feel more like summer vacation and so some fun stuff.
Above is a beautiful Chinese Dogwood tree at my sister's new house. She is all moved in and setting up her house. It's been nice to have her nearby and have popped in several times to visit and see what is new and going on there. This tree exploded with these flowers last week and I knew it was a perfect start to a mandala. She had some other flowers growing around the house too but sadly I was too late getting to them so I used what few things she did have left and made one yesterday.
Here is my Mandala for Monday, so happy to have one this week. It was a little breezy so I hid behind the garage and worked quickly before it blew away. Click on image to see better if you need. Those are wild strawberries in the middle, so cute and tiny. I brought all this home and added it to what I could find in my yard and made a few more mandalas to share over the month. YAY!!
I've been in some personal swaps lately and am excited to share them with you, so fun to receive a bunch of goodies at one time of the same theme. I haven't made many ATC to trade so this was nice.
Here is napkins from a napkin swap. Who knew there could be so many pretty different napkins out there. I LOVE seeing these!! Click on the image to see these better, seriously some are like art work. I didn't think to put the ones I bought and used, will try to next week. The lady that hosted this likes to use napkins in her journals/artwork and wanted a variety without having to buy packs of the same style. I think this was a great idea for her and anyone who uses napkins. Not sure what I'll do with mine but I do love them.
Here is my butterfly swap I received!! Look at these beauties! Love all the different styles and colors. Will be getting a flower swap soon from this same hostess, can't wait to see them. We are now in the works of trading for a State/Country swap which I am REALLY excited about. Working on mine and will post next week if they are done. They are also doing a alphabet swap but I knew that would be too much and am taking a break for now.
Before sharing more of my art fun, let me say HAPPY T DAY LADIES ! Thank you Elizabeth for hosting us again this week and making time even though you have been quite busy yourself. Today I'm sharing our first smoothie of the summer, love when this happens. There will be plenty more of these for us and maybe even here as my T posts. Today's was a mix of Greek Vanilla yogurt, some frozen mix fruit (bananas, strawberries, blueberries, rasberries) with some fresh banana added and milk. It turned out pretty good for not doing these in a year. The kids all liked it and had seconds.
Still going strong on my ICADs and enjoying them too. The bottom right one is for the SOC of last week, knew I wouldn't be posting this week so only did the one to remember the colors. Will share more next week. Hoping to keep going strong till the end, YIPPEE!! I am still writing on the backs, sorry I forgot to get a picture again of that.
In all this crazyiness I found someone who makes inchies and had to make some. Someone from T time makes these too I think, hope she visits and see these. Finally a place to put all the tiny scraps I like to keep. I tried to squeeze in a few each day when I could, told the kids to give me 15mts of quiet to get them done. Not sure when I will do more but will share them if I do, I LOVE THEM!!

I fit in some Project Life too, last couple nights and am almost caught up, need to do last weeks. Here is my intro to June page, totally was going to do bright happy summer colors but my hands kept going for these colors and I really like the way it came out.
This is for the first week of June, even has my SOC colors in there. Click on the image to see better. You will see a turtle on the right side, found that guy one morning while walking Lucky, he is hiding in the garden. thankfully Lucky didn't notice him, not sure what he would have done.
I'm sorry shared these in the wrong order, this one is the first week of June and the above is the 2nd week of June. These are the last day of school fun stuff and Renee getting a haircut and her driver's license. Click on image to see/read better.
Last week I did another Insta gram prompt for my friends, I picked TREES !! I love trees and really wanted to see some from all over the world. Well, the ladies did great and once I get them printed and in my PL I will share them. I thought it would be fun to extend this to you ladies as well. If we all took one picture of a favorite tree or any tree from where we live and share it next week on T Time. Let me know in the comments if you want to do this, no pressure just thought it would be fun.
Have to give a shout out HELLO NANCY!!! Miss seeing you again, hope all is well dear friend.
Thanks for visiting me and hope you have a wonderful week!!
p.s. I won't be able to visit till Weds due to babysitting all day then going out to dinner. Sorry but I didn't want to miss another week to link up.


  1. Awesome updates, nice to have a sister live close by, my sister is half a globe away from me and we only see each other once a year when I go back.
    Love the colors of your June PL spread, bet it will filled up with all the lovely memories of summer too!

  2. Lovely Kousa Dogwood tree and it inspired such a nice mandala too!
    Your fruit smoothie has my mouth watering...
    Sounds like your summer is fun and how nice you've had time to create ICADs and more!
    Napkins are really great art ingredients aren't they!
    Happy T Day to you Dawn

  3. That tree is beautiful! I'd be tempted to sit under it with my smoothie :)

  4. I've never heard of Kousa dogwood, but it is lovely. And of course, I love your mandala. Wish I had time to play, but I have enough on my plate till SOC and ICADs summer is over.

    Really like your smoothie. I've never made one, but I have a friend who makes them for me when I visit.

    I've had napkin swaps, as well as ribbon and fiber swaps. It's a great way to get a variety of goodies without having to purchase the entire package. When I hosted, we traded two napkins, and (on a different swap) 3 yards of ribbon and 3 yards of fancy fibers. It's plenty for mixed media artists. In fact, the napkin I used for my vintage wine entry at the Craft Barn last weekend was made using one such napkin.

    Thanks for sharing so much with us for T this Tuesday.

  5. Wonderful post Dawn, love all the pictures.
    Happy T-day

  6. The dogwood tree is beautiful Dawn. So many pretty art pieces you have received. I love, love your inchies. Is that what you call them? They are so pretty. I can see myself making some collage art with them. Love always your PL photos. I'm sooo behind with mine. have got last month and this month snaps to be completed. Last weekend we went went for strawberry picking your picture reminds me of that.
    Have a lovely week dear friend.

  7. Great trades. I like to use napkins too, I'll have to look for a trade to join one of these days. I like inchies but the thought of making something that small intimidates me.


  8. Busy lady! love the look of what's in that cup!

  9. You've got a lot going on!! The smoothie looks awesome. ATC's are always great fun! They are like potato you can't do just one.
    Happy Tuesday!

  10. Great projects! I would have eaten the wild strawberries before they ever made it into a mandala. :)

    I'm in for the tree photo sharing. Can it be an older photo, or do you want a recent one?

  11. Wow you have had a busy start to summer! The tree is gorgeous and so is your mandala. All the artwork is lovely! The napkins would also make excellent backgrounds for ATCs!

  12. It's so nice to go spend time with my family but I was so busy, I didn't go on the computer at all. Good to have tea and catch up with everyone and I see you have been very busy :) Your project life is coming along so well!
    Also love your 'Mandala Monday' photo :) we don't have dogwoods this far up BC. They are so pretty.
    Happy Tea Tuesday :)

  13. Hi Dawn!!! It is so nice to see you here again! WOW! YOu have been so busy, haven't you? I absolutely love all of the things you have created and shared with us. that mandala is beautiful! And I love all of your ICAD's and PL pages, too! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and saying the nicest things there, too! And I absolutely love that tree in your sister's yard. WOW! It must be so nice to have her close by!!! Have a great rest of your week, my friend!

  14. I LOVE those inchies...will you use them to decorate some of your Project Life cards? love the colors and patterns...and terrific PL pages...I still have sooo many photos to catch up on!