Thursday, June 26, 2014

SOC inchies and more

Hello,  how was your week? Mine has been good and busy with the kids last week of camps and VBS, next week it will finally feel like summer vacation. Look at my Renee in her cute DQ uniform, YAY!! She is at her second night of work right now, first night went well and she was super tired from it. I'm so excited for her and hope it continues to go well.
The garden is doing very well, Rich keeps telling me every day how good it looks, lol. Here is a picture of the first tomato coming in, Sienna and Colt can't wait to pick and eat them.
I made inchies using the SOC this week, LOVE these colors. Not so sure about that last one but I did have fun with the other ones. I can't wait to see what the next colors will be!
I can't believe June is almost over, went by so fast and I'm trying to slow it down. Will be back on Tuesday with a HELLO JULY post mixed in with T time and ICAD and maybe even some Project Life. Have a great weekend, hope it's sunny and warm or cool wherever you are.
Thanks so much for your visits!
See you on Sunday Nancy, YAY!!


  1. I know Dawn, where did June go? Summer is flying by. Love your inchies. They remind me of abstract art. Isn't the second one a tomato/ What are the plants you have planted on the first photo?
    Have a wonderful weekend

  2. I looked for you on the SOC blog, but didn't find it, so came here the long way (grin). I actually like the last inchie (bottom) the best. It reminds me of flags waving in the breeze.

    Holy cow. You have a BIG garden. I already have two tomatoes that are starting to ripen on one of my plants. I've NEVER had tomatoes this early before. Mine usually don't start arriving till the last of July. I'm super excited, too. In fact, I wad going to show them this week at Friday Smiles, but got blown out of the water with those ICADs.

    BTW, if you read my message, I SAW that there was to be a LINK at 1 AM on Friday. I saw it Thursday night, and busted tail to get the last one finished. By the time I had them all scanned and the post written, it was time to post. But when I got to Tammy's site, the link was not there, and it was NO LONGER on the page that tells WHEN she plans to share links. I didn't make it up, and I also know she said she wouldn't have links every week, but she didn't have one last week, either, so that's when (AFTER SEEING HER SCHEDULE SHE HAD ON THE SCHEDULE PAGE) I decided to post mine on Friday, even though I originally planned to show them on Saturday. SO, I had seen the schedule last week AND this week. That is, until it was time to link them. BTW, she has the THIRD as the day to link for the coming week, which is Thursday. Since she's never visited my blog, NOT ONCE in TWO YEARS, I don't think much of her as a host.