Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Project Life, flower art and ICAD

Hello Project Life!! I wanted to share something fun I did on Instagram two weeks ago. I'm always taking a shoe/foot picture you know, usually out in the grass or in the snow or leaves or at the track. Well, this got me thinking how cool it would be to have others join me in doing a "shoe shot" each day for the week.  So I posted my first one and announced my idea for anyone who wanted to join and tag my name in it to see when they posted it. Right away others joined in and some did a few that week. By the end of the week, I had tons of shoe shots and started working on my photos, of course that made me think how neat it would be to include the ones from others too. I ordered them and added an extra insert for this week to include them all. I kept the ones from myself on the right and left pages for the week and the insert is just for my IG friends. I love how it came out. Close up time..
I didn't do any of the journaling yet for this but couldn't wait to share it here. In the top left one, I purposely took this shoe shot with the negative space in it for writing on and adding the dates. The next one is from my date with mom, the middle row starts with Summer and I at the track, YAY. The next one is my shoe shot/boot shot, the grass is still wet in the mornings so sadly my boots are still being used. The last one is with my grandma, YAY!!  The bottom row is from my bible study group on Monday nights, bless their hearts for not thinking I was totally crazy when asking for this one. I LOOOOVE this one so much, see that sun and shadows on it, yep that is my very favorite!!
I LOVE THIS SIDE!! All the black and pinks make me happy. The top one is from Jo a dear friend in Australia out with friends, the top right is from my cousin Jennifer who lives in Florida and we found each other on IG, YAY !! The middle row first one is cool because it has shoes and the weather where she lives, the middle one is a dear friend walking her dog, the last one is a mom and her son, love this one. So blessed to have such sweet blog friends and IG friends. The bottom row is from Angie Bloom and her daughter, the next one is so COOL, a perfect shot of her sprinkled ice cream cone and sandels, the last one is from my awesome California friend Andrea. This is the front side of the insert, at first I squeezed in the photos but then decided to space them and add the journal cards.
Here is the back of the insert and the right side of the week
close up of the back of insert. Top two our from ATC, PL, bible study, from USA and Australia again. I seriously loved seeing these shoe shots pop up on my IG each day. I only used one from everyone for my pages but like I said some did several. I am liking the pink/black combo again.
Here is the right side and my first plan was to fill it in with the shoe shots I did with Rich. Then I realized there were still some of just me. So I put them together and added this perfect card.
And that is my week of shoe shots, I can't wait to do more like this, with different themes. Already starting a list and will be asking my IG friends and blog friends to join in with me.
Here are some flower doodles I've been making over this last week. I started with these half sheets of paper from my mom. My goal was to fill the page and not over think them. I use to try and get every petal the same size and every flower the same amount of petals, this time I just drew and didn't think. I love how they came out and just made some duplicates of these on ATCs and sent them out.
Here are more of them, my flower class with Alisa Burke has inspired my flowers along with my own joy of drawing them. Same goals here, just to draw and not overthink them.
I have also started my ICAD, all of you know what these are. The awesome Tammy at Yellow Daisy hosts this even each June and July. Create anything you want on one index a day is all you have to do. This year I'm keeping it very simple, just adding paint to any way that strikes me that day. I might add some pen/marker to them if I want or just paint only. I'm writing about our days on the backs of them, thought it would be a fun way to capture our summer. Day four and I'm up to date, YAY!!
So as you can see I've been busy with some creative fun and on Monday starts the Summer of Colors, YAY!! Our sweet host Kristin will be inspiring us with 3 colors each week for 6 weeks. I have her button on the right side of my blog, feel free to check it out. To make it easier for me, I will use the colors she picks on some of my ICAD and into my PL for those weeks. It's going to be a fun, colorful creative (simple) projects for me this summer. I'm happy to see most of you doing these too!!
Hope you all have a great week and I will be back this weekend or on Tuesday for T time.
Thanks for visiting, makes my day to see your comments here.
Hello Nancy, thought you would like a fun post so I made sure to squeeze it in. Hugs and prayers for you dear friend, and see you on Sunday I hope!!


  1. Oh my goodness, Dawn! Your PL pages are amazing and so beautiful. You have been busy! And I love the work you have done with your ICAD's, too! Are you joining summer of color this year? I hope so! Take care, my friend!

  2. YAY! I just saw your SOC badge on your blog! I am looking forward to playing along with you! Thanks for letting me know about it last year! (time flies, doesn't it???)

  3. Dawn your shoe shots are amazing! How fun! As usual you have so much fun creative stuff going on - it's so inspiring! I'm looking forward to SOC too - hoping I am able to participate more this year! Hugs, Michelle

  4. I've noticed a lot of people taking shoe shots. I wonder if you were the inspiration. I looked for your name at the ICAD site, but when I didn't see it, I came here. These are going to be fun and look forward to seeing what you create. I'm doing one a day, but posting once a week, I think. Can't get my schedule straight, and the fact I can't get on the internet when I have a post ready is frustrating.

    Enough about me. I look forward to these next two months of ICADs, SOC4, and your monthly welcome posts, of course.

  5. Your shoe shots are wonderful. It is awesome to include these many people from all over. I toohave an account on IG but somehow I can't save the photos I take on it. Good for you to join The ICAD and SOC14 I too will be in SOC14 have't yet seen the ICAD challenge. Your ICADS speak of summer they are so bright and colorful.Love your flowers too I have done them bigger maybe I too should challenge myself to try small flowers.
    Have a great weekend

  6. Great PL spread Dawn, those shoes shots are awesome and fun, love your flower doodles too, sweet!

  7. Love, love, love what you have done with your shoe photos Dawn. Such a wonderful idea. I look forward to participating with more of you themes in the future. Are you loving the Alisa Burke class? I am. I am not that great at drawing flowers but trying to believe that practice will help. It is inspiring to see all your creativity Dawn.

  8. You certainly have been busy creatively Dawn-and I can feel your enjoyment of it all too! Love your pages of the shoe shots:) Pretty doodled flowers, and I LOVE the colors of your cards for ICAD. Looking forward to seeing what you do for SOC now:)

  9. oh...I love the 'shoe shots' and the stories about them! you could definitely be starting a trend here, and I can see that there are possibilities for creative ways of taking the photos. Love the ice cream cone one; and so simple yet brilliant to leave space for journaling on one of your shots. Awesome ICADs too, wonder if they may end up in your PL book? wow, so many projects going and a busy summer ahead for you...happy T day! ♥