Tuesday, June 3, 2014

T stands for second daTe with mom

Hello and Happy Tuesday! I couldn't be here for T time last week so I'm glad to be back today. Today I'm share pictures from my second date with my mom, thank you for enjoying the first one I shared with you. In that post I had said this was a special for the first 3 Tuesday's in May, we missed the second week but went for the last one. Really wishing we had gone to the second one to see what the food was because this last night wasn't very impressive as the first night.
My mom loved the flowers in the above picture, forget what they are called but they are pretty!
We stopped by the Tastefully Simple vendor first, the same lady was there and remembered us. She is so nice and fun and helpful. We tried the samples she made and liked them ok. It was a bread mix and here it's shown how to make it as a dessert and an appetizer. That's what I like about this brand, many ways to use one item and they have recipes that show more then one way to use each of their items. Her new ideas when hosting a party is to actually have us cook 10 dinners that can go in the freezer. It's kinda expensive but I like the idea. We didn't buy anything this time but enjoyed talking with her.
They had wine again but no other drink choice, not a good sign I thought. I was hoping for another flavored water drink to try. Mom didn't try the wine this time either. The vendors that were inside here last time, were not here tonight. We didn't get a call saying we won a raffle either.
Here is the food table they had for us. The meatballs were already gone and that was our favorite from last time. I wasn't impressed with the food this time, my mom liked some of it enough but man I would have love the meatballs and dip they had that first night.
I do like the pumpkin roll and these brownies were made from the lady with Tastefully Simple. The crockpot had the meatballs that were now gone. Click on the images to see better.
we walked around a bit to look at all the knickknack things and flowers. Fun to be out together again!
I was doing a shoe shot challenge on my Insta-gram that week so we took a few fun ones.
Thank you mom for another fun night out with you. Wish they had more things like this around town we could go to. Will have to keep our eyes open so we don't miss any that might come up.
Here are my flower ATCs for a personal swap I did. Love the summer colors on them, it's fun to make a bunch like this at one time. My next swap is a country/state one with 22 people so that will be my biggest one yet. I'm playing with a couple ideas and will start on them soon and show you.
I have my HELLO June post below if you'd like to read it, so fun for me to write these. It's the last week of school for us and we will be FREE for the summer, YAY!! It's felt like summer the last couple days too, hot and muggy! Now the rain is here again, YUCK!
Thank you Elizabeth for hosting us again this week, stop by and say hello to other T Timers like me at Altered Book Lover  have a great week everyone and thanks for visiting.


  1. You are so lucky to get to spend time with your Mom and it looks like you two had a wonderful and yummy time.
    Those pink Columbine are favorite flowers of mine too with their little fairy hats...
    Your ATCs are looking super already Dawn.
    I made a little mandala yesterday and thought of you :)
    Happy T Day

  2. i'm crazy about the rain boots in your photo! that'd cheer up a rainy day :)

  3. Nice to have time with your Mom even if the food and vendors weren't quite as good as before. Your ATC's are great, bet the recipients will think so too.


  4. how wonderful to have those special times with your Mom. I'm sure the time spent together more than made up for the not so good food! You are really prolific with your ATC making-wow-beautiful! Happy T day Dawn!

  5. Hi Dawn, oh how I'd love to have a standing weekly date with my own mom. You are so lucky to be able to do so.

    P.S. - I personally LOVE the entire Tastefully Simple product line. While a bit pricey, I do love that you can add just 2 ingredients to nearly everything and have yourself a meal. Super quick and easy!

    Happy T-day!

  6. What a lovely trip out with your Mum! Mine (90) lives with us and I enjoy taking her out for a cuppa, too. The flowers are aquilegia, or columbine, or (and my favourite) Granny's bonnets. Hugs, Chris # 14

  7. Great post Dawn, really enjoy reading about your date night with Mom. So special.

    Happy T-day and yes I love my footprint butterflies...LOL

  8. Lucky you to have time with your mom. That hummus looked great, but I didn't see any pita. Sorry about the meatballs. You could have had my share if we'd gone together (grin). It's always fun to make a batch of ATCs. And sharing them with others is fun, too. BTW, I'll be back soon to see your June entry.

    Thanks for sharing your day with us for T this week. Wine is not my thing, but I know a few people love it.

  9. Sorry to hear that the food was not as good as the first time you went. But isn't it so wonderful to have a date with your Mom. I want to be part of the instagram community. Will mail you somehow I am not able to save pictures on my phone.
    Have a great week dear friend

  10. Your Columbine is very pretty, they grow wild up here and in all different colours :)
    Too bad about the food. Love your 'feet' pic :) I wish my Mom was around to have fun with. Enjoy every second you have :)

  11. Oh you are lucky to be out with your Mum. It has been ages since I was out with mine as she is pretty poorly these days. Love that feet shot!
    Now please pass me a brownie!

  12. Great post Dawn love all the fun pictures.

    Hugs Diane

  13. So nice to spend time with your mom. Girls' nights are fun! Sorry the food wasn't as good, though. Cute flower ATCs. Happy T-Day! :)

  14. Looks like a fun time was had with mom. The pumpkin roll and brownie plates caught my eye...along with the wine. ;)
    Happy Tuesday!!

  15. Those flowers at the beginning if the post are so gorgeous. Looks like you have been having lots of fun lately, with your ATC swaps and your evenings with your mom. And now it's almost summer...let the good times roll!

  16. The flowers are called Aquilegia, or colombines. We call them Granny Bonnets here. wow that is a big ATC swap! Have fun with it!

  17. thanks for taking us along on your 'date' with mom...the sweets looked pretty good to me, and the columbines are beautiful! Great atc's...have fun!

  18. Hi Dawn! I love the photo of the beautiful flowers! Absolutely gorgeous! And I am so happy to have followed along with you and your mom! The Tastefully simple vendor looks good - I have bought their stuff in the past! I love the shoe shots, too! and your ATC's are very pretty! Thank you so much for sharing a bit of your life with all of us, Dawn!

  19. Glad you had another fun outing with mom and share the photos with us!