Friday, November 28, 2014


                                                  AROUND HERE

around here we are watching lots of movies from the library and on tv

around here Rich is home for 4 days so it's nice to relax and just be

around here we had a great Thanksgiving and loving the leftovers

around here my sister Annie got a kitten, she named him Flynn

around here it's cold and only a dusting of snow on the ground

around here we are getting our tree tomorrow, so excited to have it

around here I can't wait to sit by the tree lights and read and just sit

around here it's time to pack up fall decorations and get out the Christmas ones

around here I can't wait for my cousin Jennifer to come back home again

around here Sienna will be having basketball games, YAY!

around here time is flying by way to fast

around here Summer put up their pink mini tree and loves it, this makes me happy

around here Sam got out the wii and is playing again, yay

around here I'm ready to get out my Christmas puzzles and do them

around here I'm getting my December Daily ready, a little mini

around here I'm catching up on my PL still and so ready to start a new one next year

Hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a nice day, even if you don't have it hope it was a nice day. I will be back on Tuesday to share our actual Thanksgiving day with photos. Have a good weekend and thanks for visiting.


  1. I love your "around here" posts! Beautiful!

  2. Yep, I agree with Michelle. I love these posts.

    How nice that your sister got a new kitten. And I hope to see your tree soon. I love trees. Keep those PL pages coming. I know you can do it.

    Speaking of "doing it," I decided to stick with Journal 52 for another year, now that Chelle has added a linky. That means I have four challenges I participate in each week and my T on Tuesday. There will not be enough time for the weekly DLP, which I would also have to BUY many items for, including a journal, pens, and washi tape. Sorry, dear. I'll stick with projects I don't have to put out a lot of cash for..

  3. L♥ve this! around here...we are looking forward to seeing our grandchildren (from Tenn.) in December!