Wednesday, November 5, 2014

WEEK IN THE LIFE: Monday and Tuesday's pictures and words

Hello, couldn't wait to post again now that my monitor is working. Wish I knew what a difference it would make and would have taken more pictures during Week In The Life last week. Happy I got some though and will share them with you today. Some thoughts first on our week:
1. It was a great week, we had things go on that normally doesn't which made it a perfect week to document.
2. With the dark mornings it was hard to take good pictures in the morning. In my past WITL there was always a sunrise picture to start my day, YAY!
3. A noticeable difference in the kids ages and differences now, even the little ones
4. I stuck with it all week, usually by Thursday/Friday I start to get tired but kept it up.
5. I LOVE LOVE this project, all the work and stress or no stress is SO WORTH IT!
6. It made me love taking pictures again and seeing stories that are there if I look harder.
7. Thankful for the awesome Ali Edward's who is the brains behind this project. LOVE!
8. The kids were great this week, about the pictures and just life in general, a good week.
9. I am torn between making a mini album or adding it into my PL, or both
10. I'm blessed and thankful for the memories this week gave me. Really and truly!
11. I woke up Monday with a scratchy/yucky throat that lasted all week
12. I want to remember driving Summer to school in the mornings, that is totally new for us
Now I will share our pictures of our day on Monday and Tuesday.
The one above is a gorgeous sky and day we had on Monday. I never tire of taking outside photos. NEVER. I know in a month it will look so different so I treasure each day and each season.
Here is the Monday morning don't want to go to school look, lol. Remember it is dark out so this kinda fuzzy. Thankful that Camryn got to be here a lot this week and she let me get her picture. We thought she wouldn't be here this year since my sister and girls moved but Heather makes the drive out here so they can stay in the same school, YAY!!
This is how Lucky spends the day while kids are at school, tough life isn't it.
Started a collage journal and had to put some leaves in it
The afternoon and night got away from me with busyness and going to bible study. I did get this of the doll/baby that Renee has to care for the next 3 days. This is Rico, my first pretend grandson, lol. He cries, coos, screams, burps, nothing comes out of him or goes in him, thank goodness. Renee did a great job with him and woke up during the night and lugged him all around school with her. We loved him but were ready to give him back.
Next up are Tuesday's pictures, probably my favorite day of this week:
Today I had this sidekick with me till the big kids got home. LOVE this boy so much and these times with him. We are best buddies now finally and he tells me he loves me every day he is over. No prompting or anything, he just says it and means it and that makes my day so much! He is growing up so much and doing so good at school and talking and loves to jump out and say BOO to me every chance he gets. He also talks about his "family" and loves them and that he has a "family" so cute!
He is my art buddy now that Sienna is at school all day too. Love seeing him draw faces and he talks constantly while he's drawing and telling me not to look it's a surprise. He also is sitting at the table more now, which reminds me big time of when Sam was big enough to sit at the table. With Lucky here now we work it in slowly and they both do pretty good. I told Colt to be still in this picture that's why he looks this way, not the best but I got it.
I used the self-timer for this one, don't like how I look in this one but it's the story that counts. I'm waiting for Sienna and my nice Ryan to come home on the bus. YAY for cousin time!
There's my girls, thankful I got to capture these two today. They are so good together and love being together, especially riding the bus to my house. Sienna sat quietly and colored so Ryan could do an hours worth of homework, YUCK!
Now the big kids are home, extra laughs and fun and love!
Then these 4 went out and ran around like crazy!! Love that they are old enough to all play together now, cousin time is the best! Colt can run and keep up with them too, he swings his arm so mighty and cute! Sienna and Ryan were doing their best to keep ball away from Sam.
This was the last one I took that night. They all came in and just hung out still doing SO GOOD together. See Colt looking at Rico there, he was so excited and wanted to know everything about him, confused that he wasn't real too. Sam is the chair next to Summer, first time I've had 8 kids in my room if you count Rico. So thankful I picked up the camera this week just to have these shots.
Another thing I realize now too is that by dinner time I was done taking pictures, either we got busy or just wasn't into it. I did get some on my phone too, so I will have plenty to pick from.
If you hung in there, THANK YOU! It was so good to share with you and post again. Thank you again Nancy for this monitor. SO NICE! Will try to come back Friday and share a few more days again, figure its easier then cramming them into one looooong post.


  1. Hi Dawn! Thanks for your visit to my blog! I absolutely loved reading your post. You always have uplifting words for us all! And your photos are beautiful, too. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far. I have not quite gotten used to going back to standard time yet. I don't like when it gets dark so early!!!!! But I do love that the holiday season will be upon us soon. Hugs to you, my friend!

  2. Dawn these pictures are so awesome. How wonderful for cousins to grow together like this! I know there can be not so good times too among them but I think this is so important. All through this post I was smiling-:) Thank you for sharing the first two lovely days from your life.
    Hope your throat is much better.
    Stay Warm