Sunday, November 9, 2014

Week In the Life: Wednesday and Thursday

Hello there, I have more WITL photos to share today. This is Wednesday morning, Renee and her pretend baby again, so weird seeing her carry this seat and bag around. He kept her up a lot last night, she was tired and took a nap each day so far to make up for the late night crying and fussing from Rico. Thankfully the rest of us except Summer haven't had to hear him. Summer got smart and put on headphones when she went to bed so she got a bit more sleep this time. Renee is doing so well with him though, patience and loving each time he needs something.
Summer has been packing healthier lunches this year, so proud of her. She always takes two veggies and a whole wheat PB sandwich and fruit and water instead of a juice box. GO SUMMER!
Today I wore Kristin's mission shirt because she traveled to her next country. I always wear this on that day to be close to her and keep her in prayer thru my day for her safety and for the new people she will be meeting. This week they changed teams too, she is so happy with her new team, YAY! She will be in India now for the month, already loving it as I write this.
That night we went to Heather's for dinner, took my sister Annie with us. We had a great time and the kids were so good. Heather made a yummy dinner and the kids ate it up. We need to do this more. Plenty of cups here for me to use this picture again for  T Time this week, lol.
Hello Thursday, a babysitting day. Colt loves to play this Hullubaloo game we have, captured him here so good. It's about finding the shapes/colors/theme and doing what it tells you to do. This one is a called a stretch where you have to touch three or more things at once, using your hands and feet. He does these so good and takes them serious. Today he chatted all day and was so good for me, really enjoying this age and time with him every week.
Today I actually worked on my PL a bit, still needs the journaling. I actually won a class this week, called Catching Up on Project Life, perfect for me wouldn't you say. Hoping this does the trick and that I will stay caught up.
I called the cable company today to see about getting a new modem thinking that was what my computer issues were. Rich took a half day and came home and talked to them later on when our new modem still didn't solve the issue. Turns out they had to come out and it was just the old wiring needed replaced inside and outside on the lines. YAY! With this good news and my new monitor from Nancy, being on the computer this week has been so nice again.
The rest of the day went by quickly and I didn't take any more pictures. Still feeling good about doing this project and wanting to pick up my camera more and get stories to remember.
Tomorrow will be Sam's 13th birthday, can't believe it and am so excited for him. Will be back on Tuesday to share those or the wrap of my WITL photos. It's going to be another cold day here for us and spent watching Sam play in two soccer games, YAY!!
Thanks for your visits on my last post and hope you enjoy this one too. Have a great day!

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