Monday, November 10, 2014

T stands for Teenager

Hello and Happy Tuesday, it's the day we head over to Elizabeth's and Bleubeard to see what everyone's doing. Sam is officially a teenager today (Monday) can't believe it. We just had his party, a little family celebration for this special birthday. Sam made is traditional birthday banner and helped me decorate while Sam was at school. We did a lot of green which is Sam's favorite color, he was so surprised when he got home and loved it. YAY! Makes all the work worth it to hear that.
See how festive and colorful, it looks a bit dark in this picture but the sun was shining. Rich thankfully did the streamers and balloons since I hate climbing on chairs and I did the table.
Here's some of the family, like that you can see a bit of the balloons still in this photo.
Notice all the cups and the can of pop. Most of us were drinking ice tea except for my nieces who love water. Sam had a lemon cake that had Sprite in it and a can of sprite just for him to drink.
Happy 13th Birthday Sam!!!
This was going on outside during the party, my mom and I kept taking peeks at it. So pretty!
He got a few gifts which reminded me last year of his wanting to get an XBOX. Everyone chipped in and added it to his saved money and we went and he bought one. A whole year since then already, time really does fly. He got some gift cards, fake snow and snow ball, cash and treats this year.
Happy Mandala! I finally got some red leaves to use, YAY! These are on the strawberry patches in the garden, not many red but just enough to make this with. The yellow berries are growing around the garden too, not sure what they are but happy to have something to add to the mandala. So nice to use a mix of old and new goodies to make a mandala.
The weather is warm today and will be tomorrow so Sam's wish for snow again this year didn't come true, YIPPEE!! But, I hear we might get some later in the week, hoping we won't.
Thank you so much for your sweet comments last week, my cold is better and I'm still enjoying a working computer. Hope you had a good week and thanks for visiting.


  1. such a colorful and creative mandala. How fast they grow- the kids that is not the mandalas!
    sprite must have put a nice kick into the lemon cake!

  2. 13 is such a special birthday! Tell him Happy Birthday and Welcome to Adolescence!!!

    1. Hit publish before I really meant to :) LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mandala ♥

  3. What a great way to welcome Sam into teenage adolescence. It looks like he had a great party with family, too.

    Glad the weather is still good. I went to the store today in shorts and a sleeveless top. Got home and by late afternoon, I was in sweats. Now I'm in a winter nightgown that comes nearly to the floor. It's already below freezing and the wind is raging steady at 31ish MPH. No snow, though.

    Nice to see a real mandala. There wouldn't be anything like that at my place. You found some lovely pieces.

    Thanks for sharing Sam's birthday party for T this Tuesday.

  4. I should have said glad the weather is still good where YOU are (grin). Mine sucks!

  5. Great Mandala and the party was really great!
    My girl gets 14 in February .
    Happy T-Day!

  6. Well, Happy Returns inded to Sam, looks like a fun party, what a lovely surprise! I'm with you , the longer the snow stays away, the better!

  7. I'm just popping in to say a very happy birthday to Sam. Lovely pics.
    Annie x

  8. Oh my, 13 I remember it well and you did a fine job with all the balloons and streamers. Looks like the weather held for the celebration too! Annette

  9. I love your mandala. I think if you got all of them printed into a blurb or one of those other books, it would be a wonderful gift for you!. Looks like sam had a lovely day.

  10. Wishing Sam a great 13th year...looked like a fun celebration and a gorgeous end to the day too with that sunset.
    Thank you for sharing that lovely mandala too Dawn.
    Wishing you and yours a Happy T Day

  11. what a fun and colorful celebration for Sam-happy 13th birthday! Your mandala is so pretty with those red leaves. The sun sets much earlier but I must say the sunset colors in the sky this time of year are gorgeous! Happy T day Dawn!

  12. Looks like a good time was had by all. Happy B-day to Sam.
    Happy T Day!

  13. oh, what fun! Happy Birthday to Sam! Having all those teenagers in one house...oh my. Love those balloons. That was a tradition when I was growing up. Having Grandma & Grandpa over for supper and playing with balloons after opening gifts. Great memories you are making. Love the mandala, and what a gorgeous sunset too. Happy T day, and have a great week! :)

  14. Birthday Wishes to Sam. How fast they are growing right? He must be very happy with his new gift. I know how boys love those gadgets-:) The decorations look lovely. Your mandala with the fall shades look wonderful.
    Even I'm not ready for snow-:(
    Have a great week dear friend

  15. Happy Birthday Sam - my namesake!! Looks like a fun party.
    Lovely sky photos.

  16. Happy birthday to Sam! Looks like a really great party. Love the sky photo, of course. Happy T- Day! :)

  17. Well, Happy Birthday to Sam indeed! A teen ager yeah!

    Very colorful celebration, so glad he like it.

    Thanks for visiting my blog this week and the well wishes and prayers for the other G-ma. We always need as many as we can get.

    Belated T-day wishes to you and your wonderful family!

  18. Looks like you had a fun party for Sam! I love your mandala - so colorful! You are lucky to not have snow yet - we got 7 inches on Monday!

  19. Happy belated 13th birthday to Sam! WOW! Time flies, doesn't it! Your house looked so festive and fun for him! And I absolutely love your mandala, too! (Anne wants an X-Box for Christmas and has been saving all of her money, too!