Saturday, November 15, 2014

Let it snow, let it snow.. in November

We woke up to snow Thursday morning, just a light dusting. I love seeing it on my pumpkins, not ready to say bye to fall but that first snow every year makes me happy. Hoping it doesn't mean a repeat of last year's long cold winter. My sister, nieces and mom were flying out of the snow this morning to Disneyworld and are happy they missed the snow. I'm sure they will not want to come back now either if this is what's waiting.
here's a peek at the back yard with a  sprinkle of snow
I had no idea that the sprinkle of snow was going to turn into this. WOW, in just hours it started really coming down and piling up outside. So pretty and magical to me, again, not ready for it nor do I want it but decided to be happy about it. I knew a certain boy would be happy too.
Of course now, you can't see the pumpkins, lol.  Look at all that snow, we must have gotten 6/7 inches. The roads were bad, took Rich 4 hours to get home that night, accidents and slow moving traffic for a ride that usually takes 45 minutes. Thankful he made it home safely. I shoveled the drive too, only had to do it once.
I had the little ones yesterday and was excited to get them outside in it. They love the snow too, Colt plays so well in it and doesn't seem to feel the cold. He looked so dang cute in his winter attire, reminded me so much of Sam at that age. We had Lucky out there too but I didn't get any photos of him. Colt just kept making snowballs and throwing them in the air, so cute.
Once the big kids got home, they all went out to play in it too. My camera battery died right after this so I only got this picture. If you look closely you can see them. They had so much fun out there.
How is the weather where you live? Stay warm or cool depending on where you live and Happy Weekend. See you back here Tuesday for T Time.


  1. We had our first snowfall, too, Dawn! But we did not get as much as you! Does this mean that we are in Winter already? I sure hope not because I am not quite ready, are you? Your photos are amazing, I am especially struck by how those pumpkins can no longer be seen after the snow fell! Oh my goodness! I hope all is well with you, my friend. HUGS!!!!

  2. Looks like you got the same snow storm we had last Sunday! How fun! Yes not many people are ready for it but there is something so beautiful about it, isn't there? Really gets you into the Christmas spirit!!

    We worked all day today on the basement, ripping up the old carpet from 1964 and pouring concrete on cracks etc to lay down new flooring tomorrow. We are just going to give the old walls a fresh coat of white paint to brighten up the old space and's ready for my DESK!! It took 14 months but I am finally getting a craft area again!! So excited!

    Hopefully the roads are safe tomorrow for everyone to return back to school/work. Will be thinking of you all!