Monday, November 17, 2014

T stands for no cup Today

Hello and Happy Tuesday! I'm joining Elizabeth and friends today as we share what's in our cup or in my case no cup. I thought these cuties (pun intended) would be more fun then a cup/mug.  Does anyone else like these? We can't get enough of them, each day we eat at least one and sometimes two, perfect size for a snack and could count as orange juice for my beverage today at Elizabeth's.
Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and comments last week for Sam's 13th birthday. Can't believe it's been a week already. Now we are getting ready for Thanksgiving and old man winter decided to come early this year to our neighborhood. Sam got his birthday wish, sadly for most of us.
Look at the winter wonderland, last Thursday is when it came in. A bit more came over the weekend and this morning. Might even have snow all week and winds, which is no fun. I have to say that first snow is always magical and so pretty to me though. I love seeing the white in the trees especially.
My pumpkins are hiding under the snow. Hoping the snow stops and gives us time to put out our Christmas lights, I love lights!! I'm itching to get my tree up already too, more lights!
You can see more snow pictures in the post below if you'd like.
Doing some major Project Life catching up right now too, Colt is my new art buddy now during the days. If you look closely my phone is in front of him playing Christmas music. Yep, broke my own rule about no holiday music till after Thanksgiving. He loves it too and lets me sing off key.
Look at that smile, he loves smiling for pictures!! YAY!
So what are you up to today? Any snow for you? Sunshine?  I will be visiting tomorrow as long as the kids have school. Fingers crossed they do, we do not want a repeat of last year.
Stay warm Nancy!!! See you on Sunday!


  1. Well our two pictures are totally different weather systems, mine is full of sun and sand and yours is full of snow.
    Have never heard of clementines except in that nursery rhyme. I bet they taste good
    Bridget #1

  2. I love the Cuties, too. I also like the ones my friend Sally gets on the internet from FL. They are so juicy, the company, Cross Creek Groves, sends 2 bibs along with the oranges. I'm always happy when she shares them with me. She also gives me a bib, too.

    Glad Sam got his wish, but I truly wish it had been later, because I'm not ready for all this snow. And yes, it snowed here twice, and we are experiencing nearly sub zero temps each night.

    Thanks for sharing these Cuties, Colt's smile, and your snow covered yard with us for T this Tuesday.

  3. I don't even say the word! heres to a warm winter with lots more of those warm smiles!
    Oranges are a lovely winter treat!

  4. Oh wow, snow, I haven't seen any for years! I was in NYC last week, it was beautiful while I was there, the cold front came in the day I left, so I actually did not experience any bad weather, Vegas is starting to get cold too, but cold here means 50s, I have no complain. Your post is always fun to read.
    2014 is my first year doing PL, I did the smaller album and now have to get a second one as it can't contain all my pages any longer, I am thinking to do the bigger album next year, what do you think?

  5. Thanks for sharing this cuties -
    oh gosh this is much!
    I love clementines as well.. now it's the time they come to the shops - we give them traditional for 6. Dec. as a gift to the kids when we celebrate " St. Nicolas" here in Austria.

    Happy T-Day

  6. Colt is going to break hearts with a smile like that. Amazing to see snow for you, while the weather is hotting up over here!

  7. hi Dawn! yes indeed, old man winter doesn't seem to pay attention to when the calendar says that winter starts! I imagine you got more snow than we did in the central area of OH since you are nearer the lake? we got about 2 inches I think, but there was ice underneath. Not good. Cozy view of your scrapbooking time and love Colt's big grin-- he is a cutie! Wish I had my photos ready to put into the album 'cause I'm not going outside today! have a great week dear!

  8. I've never had the "cuties". I thought they were just small-sized oranges, so I'll have to pay more attention next time I'm at the store.

    We've had a dusting of snow twice here in Memphis, which is unusual for us for November. Low last night was in the teens. Brrrrrr!

  9. Woah, would you look at that white stuff! Have to admit, it looks so lovely when it first settles and then its quiet... like it muffles all the sounds... and then its nice when it goes away again! LOL Hope you get a break so you can put your lights up! Annette

  10. oh wow that is a LOT of snow already! SO glad we only got a dusting here in PA-I would have cried otherwise. We enjoy the cuties too. Colt is so sweet-that is pure happy on his face. Happy arting and happy T day!

  11. I picked up a bag of Cuties at Costco last week. They are nearly gone. We love them!! We only have about 4 inches on the ground of the white stuff...but the cold is bitter!!
    Happy T Day!!

  12. I love these small oranges. I don't stop with one or two though-:) Isn't that a lot of snow my friend! Here only snow is not there but the weather is terrible. Colt looks so cute and it is so so good to see him giving you company.
    Have a good week myfriend
    Warm Hugs

  13. Colt sure is a 'cutie' and clementines always remind me of Christmas as my Mutti would have a tray of those and nuts to crack and we always got a tangerine in our stocking too = yum!
    There is something magical about snow and the hush and purity it brings sparkling like diamonds (yes...I like snow).
    Stay cozy and warm
    and have a Happy T Day dear Dawn
    fa la laaa

  14. Hi Dawn, I'm a little late making the rounds this week.

    The "first" snow is always beautiful........then the real winter set in....LOL Beautiful picture.

    Had to chuckle at your son listening to Christmas music. I'm like you I try to hold off until after Thanksgiving, but have heard it in the stores already. Nothing like pushing the season to make the sales! BUT I am rather excited about Christmas this year, haven't had the Christmas spirit this early in years......hope it lasts until Christmas...LOL

    My GKs love Cuties and I rather see them eat those instead of junk.

    Thanks for sharing your photos this week.
    Happy T-day!!

  15. We are fans of the Cuties too, in fact picked up a bag the last time I was in the produce market. Snow is pretty in pictures but I'm not a fan in person. Fortunately we don't get snow here by the Bay. Colt's smile would warm anyone up in a hurry though.


  16. You got Cuties! I love those, and I devour them during the holiday season, but they have not turned up in our grocery store yet. Maybe next week...

    I am the same as you as far as Christmas music. Usually I won't play it until after Thanksgiving. But with all the snow we got last week (same as you), I have just been in the Christmas spirit, and I have started playing my Christmas CD's. Happy T Day! :)

  17. I've never actually tried cuties, but in my opinion the real cutie is Colt with that winning smile! I bet he is a great art buddy, too!

    We are down around the 30s and had a dusting of snow last week, but it was gone by afternoon.

  18. The only snow for me is the little wooden snowflakes i'm staining. LOL! Love seeing the snow though. Thanks for sharing! Hugs! deb

  19. Unprocessed orange juice certainly counts. ;) We got very little snow at all. I love the first snowfalls, too, and I was singing Christmas carols without any music on--LOL! Too early, true. But it is cold enough to be January already, so what the heck! Love your crafting/art buddy!! Happy T-Day! :)

  20. Thanks for dropping by and sorry I took so long to reply