Saturday, December 20, 2014


Around here today was the last day of school, YAY!

Around here the kids are waiting for a white Christmas, might not happen

Around here my cousin Jennifer is on her way home now, YAY!

Around here we just had our Live Nativity at church, LOVE THIS

Around here Colt just had his first Christmas concert, so cute and so big!

Around here Sienna and Ryan are best buddies together, LOVE THIS!

Around here we had a sleepover with Cam/Ryan last night, YAY!

Around here I am almost done with shopping and need to wrap

Around here the weather has been mild and not so mild but no snow!

Around here Renee has had some busy nights at DQ, think it's all those shoppers

Around here I'm almost done with more pages in my DD and PL, will share soon

Around here we have two trees up, one with white lights and colored on the other

Around here I'm reading 3 advent books for Christmas, LOVE THIS!

Around here I have my new OLW for next year, DELIGHT! So excited for it

Around here today we will have Christmas with my dad and my sisters

Around here I'm thankful everyday for family and friends

Around here I'm thinking and listing ideas to do next year, YAY!

Around here I'm getting Christmas cards and slowly sending mine out

Around here Sam's voice is changing and he's growing again and changing. LOVE!

Around here I am having a date to catch up with Jennifer, YAY!

Around here life is busy and good and so fast. Enjoying each day and moment.

Around here I'm wishing you a very Merry Christmas, will try to be back for a Tuesday T Day!

Thank you for visiting and your comments that make my day! HUGS TO ALL OF YOU!

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  1. I just love this list Dawn. So delightful. I feel your excitement for the season in your words. Sending you a cyber hug. xoxo Jo