Thursday, December 11, 2014

December daily update

Hello and Happy Thursday! Only two weeks till Christmas, still haven't shopped yet but I'm staying calm, for today anyhow. It's all the wrapping and hiding the gifts that stress me out. So let's enjoy a cute page I did in my December album instead.
I bought these cute cups for the kids and almost saved them for their stockings, so glad I didn't. They were so surprised and happy when I shared them the next morning. The main reason I bought them was for the penguin, Summer loves them and I like finding them on things to surprise her with. She has window clings of them now in her bedroom, tucked a few others away to save for Christmas. Anyhow, I saw that and the other two designs which are perfect for the other kids. I know it's not a big story but it's the simple things in our daily life that I love to record and bring me the most joy.
I used a new holiday stamp "cheers" on the photo and found the "cheer" little card to add to the pocket with some fun colorful confetti. Click on the image to see better. I wasn't sure where/how to tell the story of the cups and decided to just write on the striped paper. Added a doily just for fun and like how it all turned out.
Working on the next pages and almost had my PL ready too. Will get those done and share soon as I can, the rush of the weekend and babysitting 3 days in a row is upon me so will do what I can.
Take care and stay calm with the hustle and bustle around. Thanks so much for visiting!


  1. How fun and festive. LOVE your December PL spread so much Dawn. A new fave for me !!!!

  2. Hi Dawn! Thank you so much for your visit to my blog! I felt the exact same way about The Middle! Thought of you when we watched it!! I hope Kristen is home for the holidays! And that you have a calm and peaceful one, too! I loved your blog post and your PL pages! And that you didn't wait till Christmas to give your kids those adorable mugs!! Hugs to you, my friend!