Friday, December 5, 2014

More December Daily pages

Happy to be sharing more of my December pages with you. Can't remember if I mentioned this in the post below but I decided to not date my pages. My plan was just to document our December, no pressure on dates or picking just one story or none at all, just filling it up with December memories.
Here is two more memories, the left is Renee helping Ryan with her homework. So cute listening to them and just seeing them together. This story is also going to go in my PL, it's a rare moment so I wanted it documented twice. You can click on image to see better.
The right side makes me happy and was a complete surprise. While at my grandma's the other day, Kristin was face timing me. I wasn't going to answer because of the lack of service, thankfully I did and we got great connection. I handed my dad the phone and they had their first conversation since Kristin left. Loved this so much and thankful again for modern day technology for moments like this. I enlarged the picture so you could see it better and glad I did. Added a few cute things to draw attention to Kristin in the upper corner and did some journaling. We were all surprised at the connection we got, better then it is some days at my house.
Here is the next 2 pages. The left side will be a picture just like the one with my dad and Kristin only it's my grandma talking to her. I didn't want to order the picture till I saw how it would turn out. Will share it when I get it done.
The right side is  a cute one and I love these papers. The picture is of Summer and her friend Meredith and they ring the bell each year for the Salvation Army. They both look so cute, happy to not see weird faces in this one like they normally would do. First time using a wood veneer too, my friend Dawn gifted me a little set of them, YAY! Not sure if I should do some writing but for now leaving it just like this.
I have my photos ready for PL this week too, YAY!! That's right, staying on top of it this month. Will hopefully have the journaling done and share it this weekend. Thanks so much for reading and your sweet comments. Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Dawn! thanks for letting me know about your the layout of this smaller binder...and really cute pics so far! good idea about no dates...that's one reason I haven't tried this. feel like we don't do something 'Christmas related' every day of the month, like many seem to show...and we don't have 'littles' nearby any more. Grandkids are in Tenn. :( So cool to see the older generation using technology too. Have fun with your pressure! I still haven't caught up with October pics yet....

  2. I think not using dates is a good idea. I like what you have done, and I'm sure you will keep it up. I;ll stop by often and encourage you, as you do me.

    I also caught up on your previous post and this one, even though I had to reboot before I could. This is turning into a real need to get a new computer. But for now, Happy December.