Monday, December 8, 2014

T stands for Tea and Trees

Hello and Happy Tuesday! This picture sums up what is making me happy most days. Some quiet time with advent reading and tea by the lights. I sit for a little before bed too, love these moments. Sharing this for the Tuesday group at Elizabeth's where we share our beverage or cup and what's new.
I got the first week of December in my PL done. YAY! I had fun with this page, the left doesn't have much journaling but for now I'm leaving it till I decide how I want to do the journaling. I have started my December Daily album too, see those pages in the post below.
My mom and I went to my sister's and helped her decorate. This will be her first Christmas at this house, YAY! Excited for her and everything came out so pretty.
I love how the mantel came out, so pretty! My mom thought of the ribbon and stockings idea, turned out so darn cute. I love mini stockings and mini trees and everything mini.
If you look closely you will see her new roommate, Flynn!! A little furball of 6 months, he's very shy still so this was the best I could get of him. Think he was a little freaked out by all the decorations and noise we were making. Annie has always wanted her own cat and now she has one, so happy for her. Can't wait to see if he gets into the decorations or the tree, lol.
I forgot to post this below the one above so you could see better. I like the tea time card I made.
All that decorating at my sisters made me ready to start on our house now. For over a week I just enjoyed the tree with lights only, the kids have asked to decorate it finally,lol. The boxes are pulled out and little bits of Christmas are popping up in all the rooms now.
Thank you for visiting and your comments, they make my day. I do babysit today so will be by tonight and tomorrow to see what your up too. Oh, I found something special to share with you soon on T Day, can't wait.  Till then enjoy your beverage and your Tuesday.
Remember you can see my December page below if you want to see.


  1. I love all the hustle and bustle and the quiet reading too!

  2. That is a nice healthy cup of tea, may I have a sip...sluuuurrrrp yummm. The decorations came out really good, happy christmas mum in your new house
    Bridget #1

  3. I'm not sure who will enjoy this Christmas more: you, the kids, or Annie, with her new "live in." It's great that you, your mom, and sis could get together to decorate her new home. That's what memories are made of.

    That first photo really DOES look like a Christmas card, I really does in the PL book. Good eye.

    Thanks for joining for T this Tuesday, and I'm off to see your December entry.

  4. It's good to have the quiet times along with the busier hustle/bustle of the season. :)

  5. Love your Tea Time card, and the opening photo is truly awesome! I miss having a real tree, but the daughter is allergic so we want to avoid an asthma attack! and not having needles shedding is pretty ok too... :) great job on your sis' mantle, beautiful nativity scene. Had to grin because seeing your progress with PL finally got me to get my October photos into my album!! Still need to do the journaling, but got them all into the book in one evening (after much sorting & corner clipping) Your pages are sweet...great idea to photo the table it all! Have a great week dear, happy T day!

  6. thank you for sharing some of your favorite things dear Dawn (great first photo)
    fun to see your home twinkle and shine with Christmas beauty...such a special time of year!
    Happy T Day

  7. Awh, the quiet time at the beginning and end of the day, time to reflect and pray., and at this time of the year we get to do it by a pretty tree.
    Your blog always makes me feel at home a cozy, love all the pictures your share.
    Happy T-day

  8. Love the sparkly tress and all the decorations at both places. New kitty! That would be the best present!! ;)
    Happy T-Day! :)

  9. Happy T day!! First Christmas in a new house...It just makes it feel like 'YOURS'. So nice of you and your mom to help out. Hugs! deb

  10. Love your PL spread, and always nice to get updates from you for what's going on over at your side!

  11. Hi Dawn! AWWWW! I loved reading your post and seeing your wonderful photos! So nice that you celebrated with your sister in her new house! YAY!!!! I want to wish you a very happy holiday season filled with blessings and more! And thank you SO MUCH for your kindness and friendship throughout the year! HUGS and LOVE to you, my friend!

  12. Beautiful trees and great job being on time with PL. I know I would never I'm not even going to start. :)
    Happy T day on Wednesday!