Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December Daily

December has arrived and so has my holiday goodie box. It's filled with sparkle, shiny, greens and reds and fun Christmas stuff for my December Daily album. I decided to go for it this year and actually make a mini album for the month. So excited and ready to document this month. My goal is to pick up my camera more and not use just my phone. I can tell my camera isn't working as good either, thinking it's time for a new one but for now it will have to do. I haven't decided fully on how I will do my PL pages this month, might make it all Christmasy or just keep it as normal.
I'm going to take my pictures and every few days get them printed and into my album so I can document while the day is still fresh in my mind and to keep me motivated. Going to keep it simple and one photo for each day, special days will get a few extra.
I'm also going to include some things that happened right before December because it all goes together and I want it that way. Like our new tree already put up this past Saturday. This is the new me for sure, tree usually never went up till mid December.
this is a bad photo but the only one I could get this one. Summer put up their cute pink tree last week. So cute how she does this all on her own each  year. I'm sure when she has her own place one day she will still be doing this. I went up to say goodnight to them and found them like this. So cute even if it's a bad photo.
The first day of December was spent scrapping at my church. We are trying something new, Monday's instead of Saturday's. Worked out nicely and I got a few things done too. I used the self timer on my camera to get this one, tried to get all of us but didn't work out.
This is page one in my December album, I am starting my Christmas reading of advent books. I loved it so much this year and am excited to do the same books again this year. Kept this page pretty simple, was good just have it started. I have a mix of page protectors for this album so not all days will look like this one. 
This is from today, so wonderful to see a beautiful sky again. Can't remember the last time this happened but it made my night. Only lasted a short time so I'm glad I saw it. Not sure if this will go into PL or my December album yet.
Hope you are enjoying the first week of December, so far mine has been good. No stressing or worried about the perfect Christmas, just focusing on my family and Jesus. With a  little December Daily thrown in for fun. If you want to hear about our Thanksgiving read the post below.
p.s. Sharon, wanted you to know I typed this post during the commercials of The Middle. Wasn't it so funny, loved it. Thankful my sister told me it would be on, I didn't know it would be. Hope you saw it.
Thanks for reading friend. See you again soon with more of my pages.

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  1. oh I envy your sparkly red and green goodies! ~good for you doing December daily! I think it sounds like so much fun but I just don't think I can handle yet another project. so I will put a few pages in my PL album and call it done....heck, I still haven't done the pages for our Mammoth Cave trip in October. sheesh. Beautiful sky pic...have a great week. I'll be checking back to see your progress on DD. :)