Monday, December 15, 2014

December Daily and Project Life, YAY!

It's beginning to feel like Christmas now that we had our first family party. Anyone else feeling this way now, hard to believe it's almost here. Having that first party and the kid's concert at church this weekend also set it in motion for us. The kids are excited over their first gifts and the concert was cute, I started shopping and making progress on my cards. YAY! I also did some work in my albums today, double YAY! We have mild temps now too which is making me very happy.
Also remembering it was me as a teen reading from the bible and now it's my kids doing it. LOVE THIS SO MUCH NOW! I can't believe how fast they are growing. sigh.
Here is the two pages that I did in my December album. I love using the white pen first on the black paper then on the picture on the right side. Had fun with these once I figured out what I wanted.
here is my PL for last week too. Got these all done today, YAY! This took me some time, couldn't figure out what colors and how many photos to use. Finally took some out and will put them in my December album. I joined in on a black and white challenge for the week too. I'm sharing the two here on the left side here and the others will be in my December album. It was fun to do this and want to more in the future. I like seeing all our decorations on the right side like this, neat that my sisters each have a fireplace and new places this year. You can click on them image to see better.
I won't be linking up for T Time since my days will be spent getting things done before kids are home on break. I need to keep rolling and getting these pages done by the New Year. The kids like to look back on the album New Year's Eve, love this tradition. Will share them as I get them done.
Hope you are doing well and are farther along then I am on your shopping. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Hi Dawn! Looks like you are busy with the holidays! What fun pics! I love how your December Daily is turning out! It's fabulous you are keeping up with Project Life too. Have a great Christmas!

  2. Looks like a fun holiday party! And your PL spread is as fun as can be!