Friday, June 11, 2010

June 11 one of our summer traditions

This is what we've been doing for the last 3 years, I thought they teared down the park or I'd have taken them sooner but oh well we will start going every first week off of school and that's it one time so it doesn't get too old. But now because of the mosquitos we will go back again soon and try for a few more better pictures for me. The mosquitios were bad but we did try to get some good pictures, even I got some for the first time here. There isn't many of Sam because he gave me a hard time he's going thru I hate the camera phase hoping the love will be coming back soon though. Ok now for the story....
This is the park I went to as a kid and played with my cousins who lived down the road from here. After walking thru the park you can walk down to the beach part. We had tons of fun there were six of us we'd play happlily all day in the sand and in the water. I've only taken the kids down once it's pretty steep for me and I hate heights now. Well this was just the coolest park I'd ever seen because of these cool huge rocks and a bouncy briddge that you can run across. I don't have any childhood pictures from this park so I've decided this will be our annual schools out picture place. We always go during the first week, next year I think we will wait and see if the bugs aren't so bad. It's smells like nature, beautiful smells of flowers, trees, water it's heavenly. I almost didn't post this because of the bugs but didn't want to aim for perfection either it's our story and as long as it gets told that all that matters. Thanks kids for braving those nasty bugs so we could get pictures for me. The funny thing too we left our windows down in the van so we ran all the way back to van to get in and find them all over, we kept swatting them and smashing them oh it was awful. We all got at least 4/5 bites each not much but just enough to bug us. sorry this so long, please don't stop now go look at the pictures.

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  1. Love this post! What a great tradition! Looks like a fun place. Isn't it great to share things from when we were little with our children? Love all the pictures!