Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello everyone, it's officially summertime!! I'm loving the warm/muggy temps we finally have. So thankful we bought the pool for the kids its all they ask to do everyday. Hope everyone had a good fathers day, I actually forgot to get pictures of Rich with the kids we were busy all day.

We went to see TOY STORY 3 it was AWESOME!! I didn't get pictures but posted about it after this weeks pictures so keep scrolling down to read it.

I am reading a magazine " Seeing the Everyday" that was posted on Becky Higgins blog in May if you want to read about it more go to her blog it's on the right side of my blog. It has such warm , funny, heartwarming stories and pictures that's it no ads or anything. It is so good I reread it everymorning with my tea.

Thanks for visiting and have a good week!!

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