Sunday, June 6, 2010

I did some creative projects this weekend thanks to Ali Edwards " creative weekend projects" . She posted one on Sat. morning saying to take a picture making sure to leave some white space to write on. Some of the examples are a wall, building, sky, grass, anything you can use to get some empty space around your picture then write on that empty space. I don't have anything digital on my computer so didn't write yet, but I did take two pictures that I think will work for this idea. This is such a cool idea I think, sometimes I have had pictures like this and then crop to look better. I will be doing this more often.

My other project that I worked on is from a past weekend creative project of Ali's and it's so inspiring. It's to use those type drawers ( I think that's what she called them) they are like a shadow box or what mine was used for was my minitures collection. It is too fill it up with pictures and embellishments ( goodies) then hang it up and admire. This was a lot of work for me, had to dig out some pictures that would work, my little rectangles were very very narrow, then trim them all to fit and add some 3-d pop dots to the back. I didn't fill it up completely because I want to loook for some special things to put in there now and was running out of time, took me about 5-6 hours to complete. The kids and even my dear hubby said they loved it and how cool of an idea. I f you'd like to see Ali's projects and look at others head on over there by clicking her name on the right hand side of my blog.

Thank you Ali YOU ROCK!!!!

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  1. I love your shadow box! WOW!!! What a great idea. Your's looks awesome! This will look so great displayed in your home. Where did you hang it?

    I love the idea about leaving empty space on a picture for writing. Did you see Becky Higgins post yesterday about this also?