Monday, June 7, 2010

Hi everyone, it's official today was the first day of summer vacation and the kids are excited. It's been a busy day as you will see in pictures. Last Friday was last day of school and I uploaded the pictures in the wrong order sorry about that. I don't have pictures for everyday just forgot and knew I'd take a lot on last day of school.

I did some weekend projects over weekend from Ali Edward's blog post this past Saturday. So please scroll down a few times to see all this week's potd and then look at my projects after that. I explained what they are on those posts let me know what you think.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting. If you want to see more blogs like this click on Jessica Turner's link on the right and if your a fan of Allison Davis like me she started sketch week TODAY!!! I love sketch week if you want to see her blog click on her name on the right hand side of my blog also. Have a great week everybody!!

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