Monday, November 22, 2010

This has been a busy but fun week. My daughter's last week of play practice then a 3 night of her shows. It is so hard sitting in those hard plastic chairs 3 nights in a row. This was a cute play on "ANNIE". My daughter did a great job as LILLY. This will be her last play in the middle school next year high school with 3 plays a year, yeeeh!! Basketball is upon us now with Sam having practices and even doing travel basketball and the girls are trying out this year for their teams. Basketball is my favorite sport to watch for the kids even though soccer is a close second. Sam gets to play on all boys team this year so should be exciting. I'm totally ready for Thanksgiving to come our turkey is in the fridge groceries almost bought and this year my girls have asked if I would take them out for some BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING!!??? I've only done it once before about 5 years ago and said I'd never do it again but might do just a little bit with them for fun and not quite so early. Let me know if you go out on Black Friday and any tips you have.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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  1. Bailey and I love Annie! I bet she did a fabulous job! I'm ready for Thanksgiving just need to clean Wednesday night. I am meeting my girlfriends at 2:30 am to be a Kohls at 3:00 am. Nothing I really need, just going for the tradition with my girlfriends! Have fun with your girls! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving Dawn. My best to you and your family!