Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What we did the day before Thanksgiving

This is how we spent some of our day before Thanksgiving. No picture for this but I bundled up and went to the track and walked/jogged one mile. Freezing out !! We went to our favorite library to stock up on books and movies for the long break. We got chicken and potato wedges for lunch for the kids, I had Tuna sandwhich and yogurt and rasberries ( trying to stay on track even for Thanksgiving) then boiled eggs for devieled eggs, Sam sorted thru all his books. I made muffins for breakfast tomorrow, also Dentist for Sam. We had pizza for dinner as we do every year before Thanksgiving. I started making my Thanksgiving Parade Lists for the kids. I write down about 15 people, things, colors, floats to find during the parade, this keeps them busy while Rich and I are cooking and getting the food ready. The kids love doing this. So that's most of what went on today. Hope you all enjoyed your day and I know I'm excited because Thanksgiving Rocks in our house. Happy Thanksgiving and blessings to everyone.

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