Thursday, March 22, 2012


This project used all my greens again, love that this week was mixed with all my greens. I'm loving all the shades of green and their names for them. Wouldn't that be a fun job to have, working at Crayola and picking names for all these beauties!! Sign me up for that job!!  So here I took a black sharpie and just made a random doodle all over the page, no plan just free hand.  Then comes my favorite part, using all my green shades of crayons, sharpies, gel pens, colored pencils to color it in. It looks even better in person I think. See that smude on the right side of paper, someone was holding it with dirty fingers. I had just finished it and was going to redo it but liked it too much and didn't have time. This took me a little time, I tried to use each color once then used each one again that I liked. Doing this techinque is fun and will be used again in more of my pages. My plan next time is to do this with my left hand and eyes closed, just for fun and see what how it turns out.
Then I decided to add more to this page even though I actually like it like this. See the results below!
I had fun adding a little bit to this each day over the week. It's a mix of black sharpie and black pen, they both looked worked out good for this. I was nervous at first and afraid I'd totally mess it up, but I think it came out ok. This is something I will for sure do again and again!! I have one more project for tomorrow, it will be going up late like tonight's, it's a busy end of the week for me right now.

Thanks for all the sweet comments on my blog this week, glad you like all my green. It's been the perfect week to show green since we are having extreme higher then normal temps here. We have the windows open, the fans on, tanks/shorts/ mowing the grass. It's like we skipped over spring and have summer!! Really hoping it stays this way, we are loving it and of course the down side is the inside of my house is suffering. So next week I'll be laying low on the computer and doing a much needed clean up around the house and my art/scrap space needs a HUGE CLEAN UP!! Have a great day !!!


  1. I love these. So happy you are having some lovely weather up there! Tomorrow is my Dad's birthday and he is super excited. Last year it was a snow storm!

  2. Happy you are still busy creating. I've been doing less computer and more stuff around the house - it's a good feeling.

  3. I love all your green fun.

  4. Great doodle work Dawn. This is a great way to learn colors too.
    I posted mine today.

  5. great doodles... i just ordered a great book on amazon called doodles unleashed, by traci bautista, u shud check it out! hugs xo love these!

  6. Thank you so much everyone for stopping by and leaving happy comments. It's been a fun green week for me.

    Bonita, I've seen that book and have been trying to win it from other blogs, so far no luck. Might just have to buy it one of these days, it looks aweome!!