Friday, March 23, 2012


TAGS, TAGS, TAGS, YOU KNOW HOW I LOVE MAKING THESE!!  I had fun making them and seeing all the green is still making me happy, will still be working with these colors in the upcoming weeks so be sure to check them out. I want to thank Susan for playing along with my green week, it was fun to see your green art work. Aimee thank you for your St. Patrick's Day post you did and hope you can join me if I do a color week again.

So tell me ladies should I do this color week again or was it to much color in one week? Did you have a favorite project that I did this week, please let me know which one in the comments. I do have a favorite and you can even guess that one if you want to. I loved them all but one was really "ME".

The heat wave we had is slowly leaving us, the fan never came on today and not all the windows are open and I'm wearing jeans again, SIGH !! I will miss this awesome weather that kept me outdoors most of the week. Hoping it starts back real soon and stays that way.

Happy Friday and weekend everyone!! Thanks again and can't wait to see which is your favorite!!


  1. I have so loved checking out your green projects, it was such a wonderful idea. You probably know that my favourite would have to be the tags, really loved them but I really liked the doodles as well and then there was the wreath... Oh heck I just loved them all. Hope you did this again love me :-)

    1. Hi Tracey, I'm really glad you liked my green projects. HOORAY for tags!! I loved them all too but it was the house that I love most, I love making them. The doodles was my little 5minute creative time each day and LOVED IT!!

      I will do this again and hope you can join in.

  2. I love the tags.. they are my favorite! Great job.. they are so springy and colorful! Love love!

    1. Hi Bonita, so happy you like the tags and their your favorite. They are the cutest and yes springy!! I did like making them. Thank you so much for the Spring Wreath idea, it's hanging there so pretty for me!!

  3. Hi Dawn,
    So sorry that I'm late to see your final green project. But I love these tags. I guess this is my favorite. Esp love these 'lined'ones, the bubble wrap tag and the flower tag. I can see an Art Journaling page being done with them.
    Thank you so much for visiting Ariel. Thanks a lot for all the encouragement you give.

  4. Hi Susan,
    Don't worry about when you can check my posts, whenever you have a few mintues is always best. Having little ones around comes first of course, I completly understand!!

    So glad you like the tags best, seems everyone does. I will be using these soon, wait and see!! Thank you for all your encouragement and fun ideas. So happy to share blogs with you!!
    We will do another color week I hope!!