Thursday, March 15, 2012


Here are a few more of my lists from this week. This one for DAY 12..... What superpowers would you want...... I liked this one and funny thing is Sam had just asked me this question the day before.  I don't need to be like superman with my powers nope these ones would help me better, lol  I'll leave the real superpowers to Sam and let him save the world,lol!!! I might just color this in or add something around the shapes???
DAY 13.... 10 Years Ago..... This was fun and I made a list right away with first things on my mind. So hard to believe what a different life it was back then. Oh and I had never even touched the computer back then either. Wish I had known about scrapbooking at that time, it wasn't till 3 years later. I HAD  A BOY!! I will always remember that time because of that. My heart was feeling full and happy because of my little family. Some days I want to go back there again and just soak up my kids, they were all at the perfect age. Not for a minute did I think of what having two teenage girls would be like in 10 years, it seemed all 4 of them would stay little forever back then.
DAY 14.... Tools & Gadgets & Toys..... most of you know I"m not a real gadget girl, too afraid of them I guess and breaking them, lol.... I did manage to write down a few faves though. Not sure I will have much to say on this topic ever but who knows maybe in 10 years I will want every gadget.

I want to say a big THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the wonderful comments in my last post, made my day and Renee's. I appreciate all the encouragement from you in my art and even my kids. It really does help motivate me and keep me inspired. I have decided to create things in green next week for St. Patrick's Day this weekend. The plan is to do one for each day Mon-Fri and I will post daily or one big wrap up on Friday. It would be fun if any of you would like to join me, even just little simple projectes of any kind would be fun. Let me know in your comments so I can visit your blog and see what you make. When I have little challenges like this it does inspire me and pushes me to try something new or even just something I've already done before that makes me happy. So who's with me in GOING GREEN next week. I hope everyone is enjoying their week and weather. HUGS!


  1. great list.. I can't believe u love your vacuum... ohhh no not me! haha.. love them!

  2. I'll go green! I love your lists love! You are too cute. XO

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  4. I love the 10 years ago... post. It made me stop and think what I was doing 10 years ago. My superpower that I would want would be to snap my fingers and be at work and not have to drive. I love reading your lists!