Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Last week during  study period Renee got out her sharpies and was going to draw a peacock, see those black marked in spots, that's the start. She started coloring in little bits of color and just having fun. When she looked again at her paper it didn't look like a peacock instead it was a beatuful start of something else. She continued on working and loving it the whole time. The end result was this colorful and inspiring paper. Of course she knew I would love it  YEEEEESSSS I DID!! This inspired me to start one and sadly didn't get to finsih but am still going to work on it. Anyhow the next day she made another one then another one the next day but different. This last one inspired me because it's been my slighly obesessive shape for the last month. I bet you can guess what it is!! Keep reading and find out. My kids don't always do art as often as I wish but when they do,  it makes me soooo happy. Summer has been up to some drawing and bless my Sam who hates drawing the most. I got him robot drawing book when he was sick and he's been drawing every single one of them, hooray and they look so awesome. Then just last night he sat down and drew a beautiful flower drawing just because, melt my heart big time. I will share these later next week. I don't want to leave my oldest out (22 3/4 ) she is the artist in the family since the age of 2 I swear that girl knew how to draw and see art everywhere. Thank goodness she is still this way and art is a part of her everyday life. I missed out on enjoying art back then, she was just to dang good for me. So now that I finally have picked up a paintbrush she is with me every time, in my heart, my soul and my love!! She encourages me, supports me, loves my art and that it makes me happy!! SHE GETS IT!! Thank you Kristin and sorry to be late for the party, may we always have art in our lives!!  Ok ok sorry got carried away there, I'm missing her today though. Go look at my pictures, lol

Hello, why is this picture upside down, I must have flipped it accidently, sorry. This is day 2 of Renee's drawing, LOVE THIS STILL!!
This is my art inspired by Renee's. I did mine kinda backwards, I guess she draws the lines first then colors it in. So I'm still working on this and will do more because I love it!! Now are you ready for what really made me happy. Can you guess what it will be????
Did you guess HEARTS!! HEARTS ARE MY OBSESSION RIGHT NOW!! These made me happy and I sat right down and started making some. She ran out of time in class but she made more for me at home and I cut them out and put them in this weeks PL pages, hope to show you soon.
LOOK HOW PRETTY!! I am getting out my graph paper again also, missed it!! I know the blue/white one at the bottom isn't colored in but I wanted it that way, it seemed good enough just like that. Then I got happy again because when I turn the page guess what happened??? Oh and yes I'm weird I know but hey play along with me, ok this is my happy story, lol
So when I turned the page the images were on the back and I kinda like them just as much as the front page, double LOVE!! So I kept drawing them and yes I was squealing and loving this two sided heart heaven!! The orange/white one looks good to me plain just like the blue one, I like making just one stand out I think. Sorry if your bored or really thinking I'm losing my marbles but there's more.
I decided to try something different, wasn't liking it as much so I quit and keep going back to it. Slowly it's growing on me. Then I turn the page and it was love again.
This time I had slipped in a white paper so it wouldn't go thru to the other side and so I could double my art drawing. You guessed it that little heart on the white paper is perfect to me!! I want to do lots more of these. 
So look what one simple but lovingly made artwork from daughter did for me. I love these moments and being inspired to just have fun and play and not worry. Sorry if this was to long but I just had to share the excitment, sometimes it takes the pictures and the WORDS TO TELL A STORY!!

Next up is something new that I was inspired by at the movie, THE LORAX. Yep, totally loved them and wanted to paint right there in the theatre. Since this post is already long though will save it for next time, just so you know it's NOT HEARTS but it is my other obsession, can you guess???
Thanks to all those who read thru all this, I appreciate it and love you!! If you didn't read thru it all I still love and appreciate you too. Happy WEDNESDAY!!


  1. Love these projects.. and love all your hearts.. wow... u can do so much with these! what fun! xo

  2. those hearts are great. I think you are right about the quilted look, it's really growing on me. Myabe vellum too?

  3. I am still on holiday but couldn't resist just popping in for a little peek... Wow love all the pieces, you have been busy. Can't wait to see what else you have been up to, love me :-)

  4. I think it is amazing that you and your daughter share a love for art...and I love that the process changes as you go along.

  5. Thank you ladies sooooo much for stopping by. I'm so glad you liked my crazy hearts again. They just aren't ready to go away yet, lol

    Renee was very excited about these art pages she made, I love it when they create something out of the box!!

  6. LOVE everything about this. Mhm, the apple falls CLOSE to the tree. ;) I love all of the words too. This is wonderful, Dawn. ♥

  7. I love that you and Renee share a common love for art!! She will have special memories of the times you did art together and for each other!! Love your hearts!! They're my favorite shapes!!

  8. Thank you Aimee and Cathy, love seeing your comments. So glad you liked my hearts!