Monday, March 5, 2012


I love beating Rich at bowling, I have the highest score in our house..... 299 !! This was a good game for me but not my best. Rich is good at the tennis and beats me everytime. I have to get a picture of that next time.
Sienna was helping Colt walk, it was so sweet. She's never done that here before so I'm glad I got this picture of them. He is taking his time learning to walk, doesn't seem interested at all. Of course when he does we will wish he wasn't.
Love seeing these two outside playing and having fun. They've been doing it more and more. They chatter the whole time, like gossip chatter. Yep, they are cute!!
Still love making these colorful hearts, can't get enough of them. This time I took the picture before cutting them out. See how pretty the colors look all together, it's almost to pretty for me to cut up,lol. I've been using the scraps in my art journal pages!! Not sure what I will do with the hearts but I like just making them. I'm sure one of these days I will get bored with them and quit. If you click on the image you can see the pencil mards where the hearts will be, I try to have 3 little colors in each heart.
Renee has been on a sharpie kick this week, LOVE LOVE THIS!! Look at her row perfectly lined up by color, so cute!! She has been making these beautiful art pages and has inspired me to make some too. I will be posting these this week sometime.
Happy Leap Day, the kids and I looked at Project Life from 3 years ago, my first one (sigh, love, sigh) and my family album from 4 years ago. It was so fun and sad at the same time. Renee was Sam's age in these. TIME FLIES!! It was fun to see these memories again, some we had even forgotten. So THANKFUL for PROJECT LIFE & SCRAPBOOKING!! For a surprise I took the kids to DQ for ice cream afterwards. It was a great night for us!
Sam woke up at 2:30am sick poor guy. He kept sick for the next almost 3 hours. So we stayed at home and read book & watch movies from library. It's amazing how quiet and still Sam is when he's sick, heck this is the only time he is quiet and still,lol.. When he is finally better he's extra loud and talks all day and is constantly moving!  Thankfully he felt better the next day.

So that's my week of photos. I still need to order them from walmart and will get my page done and show you. I have journal cards made up just need the pictures. I've decided not to include all the newspaper clippings about Chardon in this and instead will stick them in a folder and put it in the end of the book just so it's there. Hope everyone is enjoying the first week of March and waiting for spring to come soon. I have a feeling this month is going to fly by already.
Thanks for coming by and looking at my pictures and for your comments. I will also be posting my new lists from 30days of list this week also. To see more on this read the post after this one.


  1. Hi Dawn
    It's so nice to read of what is happening on your side. Glad to know that you'd a great week.I already love the painted page that you've shown here.
    (I've sent you a mail. Hope you got it)

  2. What a fun week you've had...minus Sam being sick. Poor dude...
    I wish I could bowl with you! We haven't played our wii fit in a while...maybe tomorrow when it's raining!
    Loving Renee's sharpies...she's a color girl like her mama! Oh I bet you just love this!
    Great pics girl...always love the peek into the Miller house!

  3. What a great set of photos Dawn!! Our WII isn't working at the moment, but when it was I loved to play tennis! GREAT to see that 2 of your kids are getting on so well, my two older boys bicker constantly and it drives me crazy. Love those Sharpie markers too!

  4. So sorry to hear that Sam is sick. Looks like Renee is just like her mommy. I love seeing your photos from everyday life.

  5. Love the wii picture. I also like to win at bowling!

    And the picture of the sharpies totally made me smile! I love color!

  6. Thanks everyone for visiting and leaving comments!! I get happy just sharing these pictures each week with you!!

  7. fabulous photos... don't you just love sbing?

  8. I think it's awesome that you beat Rich at bowling!!! You go girl! I love the pictures of the kids looking at your albums!! So sweet! I also of course, love love love the paintings!! Poor little Sam. I am glad he is feeling better! The babies are getting big!

  9. Lol dawn- hmm ill try u at bowling!!!