Thursday, March 29, 2012


I wanted to share a few things that are making me happy and random thoughts today. First I have to give a big  THANK YOU THANK YOU for the lovely commetns on my Project Life post this week. It makes me smile reading them and seeing what you like from my pages. I love that some extra pops of color were added in, looks happy and SUMMERY/SPRINGY!!!! We are in spring but really the wather was like summer time. HOT HOT HOT!!  I hope everyone's having a good week and ready for April to come. So here's my list

Happy List....

1. I got my new washer and doing lots of laundry this week to catch up on it. YES THIS IS A HAPPY THNG. GOING TO THE LAUNDRYMAT ISN'T THAT FUN!!

2. My new glasses are in and I will get them this weekend, will post pictures!!

3. Our anniversary is this Sunday, so excited and love this day with my favorite man!! We are taking the kids to the local farmpark to see spring babies, LOVE THIS!!

4. DQ's Peanut Butter Bash, I"M HOOKED!!

5. Seeing my nieces a lot this week and getting lots of hugs from them

6. My new fave colors, will post this next week!!

7. Seeing the new blooms around the yard and everywhere we drive, color everywhere!!

8. Renee got a B on her Science midterm, sooooo awesome!!

9. My mom did a spring wreath like mine, it's soooo cute !!

10. Sonja, she is amazing and sooo wonderful to our family!!

Random thoughts....

1. Ali Edward's is doing WEEK IN THE LIFE in April!!!! Of course this is exciting and will be joining her. Sadly my WITL from last summer didn't isn't put together but that's not stopping me from trying again. She did this 2 springs ago and I love love how mine came out. This time will be neat because of little Colt being in it and what he's up to. Thinking of just doing it simple and adding it to my PL instead of whole album for it. Any one want to join the fun??? I promise you will LOVE IT!

2. In April they have a NATIONAL NO TV WEEK, I know it's a shocker for you tv lovers out there. Hello, ANNIE my dear sister who loves loves her tv. For me TV is ok but not a huge fan of it. My kids and I have done this a few times and they argue about it but we do it anyhow. To make it even more fun I call it NO ELECTRONICS WEEK!! Yep nothing that gets plugged in except the radio of course.  I am hoping the weather will be nice so we can spend most of it outdoors and lots of family time. Oh yea, my kids can't wait.... NOT!!  I will plan some crafts/activities/library trips and hopefully we will survive. BTW that means that you won't hear from me that week, I have to keep it real for the kids sake.  So anyone want to join us in this fun no electronics/no tv week???? C"MON  YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!!!  WE CAN MUDDLE THRU IT TOGETHER!!

3. Summer has her 8th grade field trip to Washington D.C. next week, she will be gone for 3 days. The house will be strangely quiet and weird without her here. I don't know if I can go 3 days without seeing her and her smile. Same for you Kristin, I miss that smile sweetie!!

4. Spring break starts next Friday!!

5. The weather, it took a nose dive is what it did. Dropped so low we had to pull our the winter clothes and gear again. The heat has been on most days, wearing my fave hoodie again, no flip flops, no sketching on the deck, not much playing outside I'm not too happy about this at all.. want the warm weather to come back very soon and stay.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I am with you .. come back summer temps!

    1. I know you want the warmer weather even more then me. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Hope you've a great day on Sunday Dawn. Some of your upcoming projects sound interesting. No electronics week sounds really cool. I don't watch TV but 'no computers' is going to be tough. Hope the weather gets better next week.
    Have a great Friday.

    1. Hi Susan, No electronics is hard but it is my way of trying to show the kids theirs more to life then a screen. that means no cell phones for them either. Still working on this with them.

      Have a good weekend.

  3. Awe, I think it is wonderful that you are going to do national no tv week. You go girl! It's pretty neat that your mom made a spring wreath yours also. How lovely!

    1. Aimee thank you for the comment and coming by. Do you want to join me on the no tv week, make a deal with your kids!! My mom is good at wreaths so this was good for her too.

  4. It got cold here again too. Bummer! I can just imagine how happy you are not to have to go to the laundry mat! Great for you guyst to do no electronics. I think it would be the hardest for me. HA! I hope Summer has a fabulous time in DC. Tell her to be safe and enjoy that amazing city. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy each other on Sunday!

    1. Hi Becki, too bad for both of us and the cold. I did tons of laundry and loved it. I keep looking at my nice new washer and want to buy all new appliances now. Thank you for the anniversary wishes. We told the kids it's our day and to be good and spoil us.

  5. Happy anniversary - what an amazing day it was!

  6. I should try the no tv week. Is it no electronics at all? No tv I can handle, no camera.... I may need an intervention!

  7. Hello dear friend, I am so glad that I can finally get onto your blog, for some reason I couldn't get onto it from my home computer, could only do it from work but all seems fine now... not sure why.
    anyhow love the post, love the happy list and yes I saw the post from Ali but not sure if I will do it or not, still giving it some thought.
    No electronics, I applaud you but my family would never speak to me again if I made them do this, we have no electronics until after dinner/showers etc every night and on the weekends they can't have them till after 3pm and that kills them.
    Can't wait to see your new glasses and new new fav colours.
    Speak soon.
    love me :-)

  8. Haha dawn abt no tv week... cool you got to see h's kids, its been awhile for me.. lol.. what mall??