Sunday, March 11, 2012

New art...... TREES from the Lorax movie

Here is my newest favorite thing to draw, trees from the LORAX movie!! They were like big fluffy cotton candy balls on top of the trees. All these bright colors were everywhere and the movie is based on having real trees not platic ones in their town. I just loved the whimical feeling they had and have never made a whimiscal tree before. So this is what I made as soon as we were home, just fast and not caring how it turned out. Just had to put paint to paper. Renee did this too but didn't like it so before I could stop her she ran her fingers thru it messing it up but making a really pretty background page instead. She loves putting a bunch of colors on a page and swirling them around with her hands till it looks right then leaving it. They always turn out great. Ok so now my goal is to figure out how to make these trees, I tried lots more and will only show a few since they are all the same. Still can't get it to swoosh just right for me. Oh and these trees do have a name just can't remember. Renee has given up but loves that I'm still trying and she helps me by TELLING ME WHAT TO DO AND HOW NOT TO DO IT!! Yep she's helping alright, lol gotta love her.
This paper got turned around, sorry about that. I tried watercolor next and just making the blobs of cotton candy part without drawinga whole tree. Also trying to find just the right shades of colors. I also used my fingers on this one. Still not quite right but I'm not giving up!!
Ok, now I'm getting closer to the real look I want. Those purple ones are pretty good ad the bottom green one is also. So I've done a few more pages but these were my favorites so far. Will keep you posted about my progress. Any tips or ideas on making them or the colors even. Trying to get just that right color also. For now I just keep making my swooshes and hoping for the best. Thanks so much for reading this and putting up with my weird? funny? crazy? obsessions!! Happy Sunday!


  1. circles of color... u gotta love that... just happy! I like it!

  2. Dawn, I love these colorful trees you've drawn here.That can be part of an Art Journal page-:)
    Yes, so we can do with the color green frm the 19th. Hmm, already I'm excited.
    My b'day is on the 9th of July-:)forgot to mention that in btwn all the sick-week here

  3. I love that the movie gave you such inspiration! YOur trees look colorful and lovely!

  4. Thanks ladies for stopping by and liking my colorful blobs. I know it's not much but to me they were so cool in the movie. Worked on them again??? Practice practice!!

  5. Mady is obsessed in the Lorax so I cannot wait to show her this! I think I will take up painting, if I ever get a moment to myself E V E R.... maybe next year when Mady starts school. I love this post. One of my favs ever and honey it is HARD to pick!

  6. Looks colorful & yes cottony candy look!