Friday, September 21, 2012


This little guy is growing up so fast in the last few months, despite my telling him to stop growing. I only see him once/twice a week so I try to SAVOR AND ENJOY EVERY MINUTE OF IT!! Lately, with his big sister in pre-k we have the mornings together which gives me more time to really spoil (love and play and hug) him and not worry about his sister being left out (not that I don't spoil her). So today I need to write down some RIGHT NOW thoughts before he grows out of them. Oh and I don't always get the best pictures, he's always moving, smiles too late/soon for pictures but that's ok it's who he is fast and curious and playful at this time!! I just love this little guy more and more!
right now you love hugs and just laying your head down on my lap when you need to
right now you love playing at the window and love when tractors/trucks go by
right now you are getting tall, look big even next to your sister
right now you still suck your thumb when sleepy, sad, upset
right now you ALWAYS make car sounds when playing cars, LOVE LOVE THIS
right now CARS are your favorite thing, moving them around, hiding them, putting them into rows
right now you love to sit and put bunches of toys on your lap and laugh
right now you are running, soooo very cute
right now you can also walk backwards and spin
right now you love to stand up and fall on your bottom 50x and laugh so much
right now you SMILE and SMILE all the time for soooo much
right now I think smiling is your way of communicating
right now you are learning to talk and are so proud and happy about it
right now you give knuckle touches and give them often
right now you love my pets, always watching and excited by them
right now you do have tantrums, throw yourself in the floor and cry LOUD
right now you can be talked out of those tantrums and given hugs and love
right now you want to go outside often and if the kids go out you want to follow
right now you are learning to share and take turns with sister, good job buddy
right now I love watching you sit with mom, dad, papa in church, so sweet!!
right now you eat so well and aren't too picky over here
right now you are reading books more and laughing at them
right now you drool all the time and everywhere, LOVE THIS
right now your looking tall in your high chair
right now you love to walk in garden looking at pumpkins and flowers
right now you laugh when Lucky chases the ball
right now you know Sam is the other boy here and LOVE HIM
right now the girls are your sweeties, lots of hugs given
right now you take GREAT naps here, 2 hours most times
right now you are such a JOY for me, so easy going and happy
right now you like to stand up the toy people and try so hard at it
right now you SMILE BIG when toys work right and esp. when blocks fit together
right now you LOVE your big sister and playing with her
right now you love to play chase with big sister
right now you want me to tickle you, taking my hand and making me know you want me to tickle you, so much laughter when we do, love that you do this and enjoy it
right now you have a pouty lip when crying and sad, makes you CUTER!
right now you still look at your hands and my hands not sure why
right now I want to bottle you up and keep you RIGHT HERE AT THIS AGE
right now is pretty good and I'm so blessed to take care of you and watch you grow!!
Colt and me!!!
I hope you enjoyed this cute post of my little man!! Will be doing something this weekend and sharing it next week if all goes well..... think ONCE UPON A TIME THE SEQUEL from a post last year at this time ( my older readers might remember). Have a great weekend ladies!!


  1. He is sooo cute. Look at THAT great smile :). Soon he'll be one the big boys and chasing for girls in kindy :). I had fun reading all the your notes for Colt, very warm indeed. Lots of hugs for both of you!. And have fun with next excursion :).

    1. Hi Shahrul, thanks so much and glad you enjoyed it. My excursion wasn't as pleasant as planned but will still share next week. Oh and yes he loves girls and is a flirt already, flahes those baby blues, lol.

  2. I just loved reading this post, its put a huge smile on my face... but then your blog posts always do.
    Once Upon a Time... I am thinking... and I think I know so I will wait and see if I am right.
    There is alot going on in my life right now, maybe I should do a right now post.
    Thanks for sharing such a great post
    love me :-)

    1. Hi Tracey, so glad this made you smile today!! His mom text me this morning and loved it she said, made her cry.

      I thought you'd remember the ONCE UPON A TIME story, didn't go as planned but it's still a story and will tell next week.
      WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO DO A RIGHT NOW POST, actually Ali Edward's is planning one on Thurs? for all of us to follow along with hers. I will have to plan another one. HUGS!!

  3. Loved reading this! What a cute little guy! xo

  4. This post reminded me so much of my little one. I enjoyed going through the 'right now' moments.