Thursday, September 27, 2012


I love love writing these kinds of posts as most of you know. All week I've had some ideas on what to write about today, couple of special posts or just the random right now post. Due to busy schedule and not even being home right now this will be a random RIGHT NOW post! Today this is a prompt given by the wonderful and amazing Ali Edwards, check out her blog to read hers and more like this one. Hope you will link up and join the fun also.


I am at the library typing this while girls at church choir and boys at home hanging out

My hair is short and curly after a much needed haircut

Summer texted me from the bus to remind me to "GET RID" of the spider she saw in the bathroom,lol

Sam has the worst runny nose he's ever had, LIKE EVER!! It won't stop running and he has to keep blowing it so his nose is red and chapped and it's driving him crazy.

LOVE LOVE that soccer season has started and seeing my boy out there on the field running brings joy to my heart even after all these years. Even in the rain and cold it warms my heart just watching him!!

Renee has been collaging at random times thru the day/bedtime, LOVE THIS

The girls just had braces adjustements and are in pain and hate eating right now, soft foods for now

wishing the nights didn't get dark yet, Rich and Sam like to bike when he gets home, soon they won't be able to. Will have to do it only on the weekends.

Wish the rain would stop so we could have the last bonfire and smores for the year, love doing this

Sam has been asking for snow to come for his bday (Nov.10) and we keep saying NO WAY!

We've been watching the Cosby Show at night before bed, so nice to have a show we all enjoy

Doing my Project Life pages each week and loving it more then ever. CAN'T WAIT TO GET THE NEW ONES COMING SOON...... IT'S LIKE CHRISTMAS FOR ME

The amazing sky and clouds lately have me taking more pictures of them instead of the kids. Seriously loving how cool and pretty they've been.

Excited thinking that in a few weeks will make it 2 years since we got our dog, Lucky. Special post coming up on that, love love this dog!!

My hubby is busy busy at work, working a little more hours lately

Proud of my hubby for heading back to the YMCA to work out and for me back to walking again, feels good

Getting one daughter ready for homecoming and watching her relationship grow with her boyfriend. Puppy love/teen love is very serious in our house right now. Mixed feelings about this, wanting to go back about 10 years when it was easier and more fun.

Kristin is planning her trip back home for Christmas, HOORAY

Sam brought home his library book which he picked out for me... A CRAFT EVERYTHING BOOK, he's so sweet and funny. Can't wait to create something from it.

So happy and ready for fall: pumpkins, cider, jeans, color leaves, Thanksgiving just makes me love fall more

The girls waking up so good in the mornings early for school, Sam who is buried under his covers though and doesn't want to wake up. LOVE waking them all up softly and gently each morning.

Playing cards with Sienna when I watch her. Our favorites: Slap Jack, hi/low and Go Fish. She is GOOD!

Little Colt growing up and being soooo sweet right now. Blessed to watch him and his sister.

Enjoying church every Sunday for 6 months now, can't even describe how it feels me with peace.

Making more Morning Glory Muffins and comfort warm foods, love leftovers in the fridge for lunch

Thanks for letting me ramble on. I love being the storyteller more and more in my family. Thanks Ali for this prompt today and letting us share it with you.
Oh and I cannot forget to add watching the new seasons of The Middle and Modern last night and Grey's tonight, happy for fall tv shows.


  1. I just did a post for this too... love your life.. I wanna see your new hair! xo hugs

    1. Thanks Bonita, your leaving for Florida soon and to me that is an exciting life! I posted my haircut on IG just like you did. HUGS!

  2. So many wonderful, wonderful things going on in your life right now. Love how you keep on sharing your story.

    1. Hi Nirupama, thans for the sweet comment. I love how you tell your story also!

  3. I love these glimpses into your life. Thank you for sharing and showing us that it is the small things that are really the big things.

  4. Thank you Lynette and Michelle, it's my favorite way to remember the little things.

  5. Love your right now lists - very creative - so much to be thankful and happy about!