Saturday, September 29, 2012


This was at 6:45a.m. I had just walked outside with Lucky and saw how WARM & SUNNY it was, so I told him to sit and wait while I ran and got the camera. He came running to me when I came back, so dang cute and happy, LOVE THIS!! I am so happy to say the day was warm all day and the sun stayed out. With camera in hand today I captured a much needed great fall day.
these pretty daisy like weeds all over our yard, LOVE

the last two pumpkins, they were baby's when I first showed you
just peeks of fall colors coming in
wind blowing the cattails, happy I got this one
the fall leaves reaching for the sunshine
this little building at the soccer fields, crazy but I love chipped paint
this beautiful stone and brick together, a favorite combination of mine
Sam and buddy played a good game today. SAM SCORED! We loved watching it in the sun finally and no rain and freezing cold like the last few weeks. Love these two guys, friends for 7 years now.
my sister helping my niece to try riding her new scooter from our dad, LOVE THIS
my other niece getting on it instead and taking off
Sam loves his new scooter too, pray he doesn't wipe out
these gorgeous yellow trees
these two different fall trees together, LOVE
I came home to see playtime in the backyard, click on it to see Sam and Lucky better. LOVE THIS
my favorite way to end the day, gorgeous sunset and fall colors
a sink full of dinner dishes that I will wash since my hubby cooked an amazing dinner for us while I was at movies with the kids. He enjoyed this day just as much as I did. We both needed a warm day.
I took 120 pictures today, tried to narrow them down best I could, so hard with all these pretty fall phtotos. Can you see all the joy in these and happiness, seriously it was from just seeing the SUN and NO RAIN for once. My mood was going down all week and this really lifted me up. Hope to get more of these next week if the weather is right. Enjoy your last weekend of September, YIKES!!!!


  1. Very pretty fall pictures - glad you enjoy all the fall colors - there's beauty to be found everywhere - you just have to be willing to look for it - and you found it!!

    1. Thanks MOM!!! We will go searching for fall in a couple weeks!!!

  2. Love seeing all these fall colours. It is very warm here today and I am loving the warmth. Took Lucy for a walk today, the first one in awhile and the sun on my face felt good. Have been doing lots of PL catchup from last year - I have completed about 9 weeks and now only have 14weeks to go. I am not stressed though most of it is just journalling. Got my new page protectors for next year all ready, excited to start again and still trying to figure how I will tackle next year.
    love me :-)

    1. Hi Tracey, happy you had some sun and warmth today too. HOORAY for catching up on your PL, hope you will share them! How exciting to get some of the new things alreay, can't wait till I can order mine.

      p.s. after writing up this post last night, it already started to rain and is still raining this morning, lol so glad I took the time to get these pictures now. Makes them even more special.

  3. Lovely day, yes!. Your dog must be happy to go out fetching too :). Great sunset, I LOVE big sky. Take a good rest, Dawn. And drink tea too :).

    1. Hi Shahrul,
      Thank you for the visit and enjoying my pictures. The weather was cool today but no rain thank goodness. I enjoyed it!!

  4. Your fall pictures have come out so well. I'm yet to take my set of photos of this beautiful season.Your sky snaps have come out awesome as always.
    Have a great week dear friend

    1. Hi Susan, thanks for the visit. I hope you get outdoors soon and enjoy the beginnings of fall. Have a great week too dear friend.

  5. Beautiful photos Dawn, nice idea to go out with your camera and just see what's out there waiting for you!!
    The Fall leaves have really showed up at the farm, so many of them have blown away already with this wind we've been having :(
    Hope you are enjoying some beautiful Fall weather like we are!!

  6. so happy you are happy.. sunshine def makes a difference!

  7. Very cute of lucky!!! Boy sam growing up.. loved fall pics, should take pumpkins over to mom for porch have kids carve them up there have some fun times there!!! .. scooters from dad!! Thats cool , yea ryan just goes foe it .. lol great pics