Monday, September 24, 2012


Welcome to another week of PROJECT LIFE!!! I can't believe how fast this week went by, no more blinking for me. This week has a nice variety of stories, some planned and some not. This led to harder time picking out photos so I sneaked them in for next week already,lol  gotta love that!!
Here is the left side, look at those pumpkins in my front yard, FALL TIME!! Made some amazing and can't stop eating muffins (sharing recipe later). The start of colds for Renee & Summer which kept them home a day and me following them around with a Lysol can, haha.  Click on the image so you can read the journal cards, that 3rd one is funny and you can blame Sam if we get snow early this year. Feel free to send him a not happy message about it!!!!
This is the right side and I LOVE IT!! Look at those cute munchins playing so good together, lots of this going on here. Now if you remember my ONCE UPON TIME Story from last year and guessed  what it was, CONGRATS!!! We went homecoming shopping for the dance in 2 weeks, sadly this trip wasn't as much fun as last year ( post and dress coming later on). We had a CRAZY CRAZY WEATHER WEEKEND and here is just one shot of it, Rich outside while the hail was pelting down on him. This happend a couple of times thru the weeend along with lots of rain, black clouds over us, windy, COLD TEMPS and peeks of sun. This pattern repeated all weekend long, CRAZY!!
I am going to post Renee's part of 29 Days of Septmember now while I can, busy week ahead. She did hers on computer paper and I'm thinking of just making my favorite kinda of collage and adding it in with mine. She didn't last all the way but still did a great job. So here is peek at hers.
The first 3 days did start off with just pencil then she decided to add color
I love that she did guy faces also, inspired me to do mine

So there is some of hers, will share more later on. The ones on notebook paper she did at school and others done at home. I love that she didn't think about it, just drew them in seconds. I forget which one is her favorite, will have to ask her again. Teased her about cheating and making all these at one time instead of just ONE A DAY, don't let the days fool you,lol. Hope you enjoyed them like I did. Thanks for coming by and your wonderful comments.


  1. Oh please share with us the recipe?? :). WOW, crazy weather, never been in a hail before ... I would be scared :). LOVE your PL happy faces this week, more colors than last :). Stay warm my friends :). Hugs.

  2. Always jealous of your PL pages getting in the book, I really need to sit down with mine and get things done!! Love your pages, you will cherish these for years to come!
    Hail? Crazy! We had some in August that ruined a bit of crop right before we harvested it and now we are enjoying an Indian summer, so beautiful! I am enjoying all the changing leaves and the Fall beauty of the country..I hope you are too!!

  3. Love the 29 faces project! How fun is that, and all the faces have such fun and unique personalities! Your project life is looking great as always! I love your continuing excitement for PL - it keeps me inspired too!

  4. Yah, the favourite part of my week - getting read and see your project life. I love all the drawings and faces and thanks for sharing them with us. Hope Rich didn't get hail spots LOL.
    Love me :-)

  5. Yay, another week and another great post! So cute that your daughter is doing that 29 faces project on her own. I think Day "11" is my fav. Thanks for stopping by my blog today, I got a little behind but I finally posted. Come by and link up your page there too!

  6. Thank you ladies for all your sweet comments. I'm glad you enjoyed my PL and Renee's faces.

  7. Dear Dawn, post the recipe please.My husband is also a great fan of winter:) Thank you for sharing Renee's faces.The faces on the last page look very cute.