Monday, September 10, 2012


I LOOOOVE THIS WEEK'S PROJECT LIFE!!  It's filled with only one subject and from one hour of my day last week. I couldn't resist just filling it all up with my garden pictures from the previous post. Just a little journaling and I am filling that blank card with something soon. The title card has a little magazine clipping on it which I thought was good for this week. LOVE LOVE THIS!!

These are the clouds and sun I woke up to this morning, SOOOOO AMAZING!! I thank GOD everyday for this magic and the beauty such a simple thing that brings so much JOY to me.
My day was just like these clouds, I swear sometimes they match my mood as if talking to me.

Thank you thank you for the sweet comments on my garden post. Rich was thrilled to read them and that I did this. Even more mini pumpkins have been brought inside and 2 more pumpkins have been picked. I'm sure my future PL posts will be filled with some kind of fall theme each week now, YEA!
Have a great week everyone and please take the time to remember what tomorrow means to this world and take a few mintues to pray and remember those we lost on that tragic day. My heart and love go out to all those families and to the ones still fighting for us!! GOD BLESS THEM!


  1. Hey Dawn!

    Thanks so much for stopping by! I've missed you. Love your layout and those cloud pictures are just gorgeous!!

    Don't you just love this time of the year?

    Hope your family is doing well.

    I'll be back soon...♥

  2. Beautiful images! The last cloud picture is stunning with all the golden light!! Thanks you so much for your kind words on my Photo-Heart Connection post! They made me teary!! I'm realizing that it doesn't matter how good or bad my photography is, because it's uniquely mine! I will be praying tomorrow!

  3. Good for you! Your garden definitely deserves it's own spread! I can't believe the pumpkins you grew. The colors of the sunrise is incredible too, God certainly is amazing and shows in the most wonderful ways. Take care and hope you have a great week.

  4. I'm LOVING your PL pages and your garden too!!!. LOVE the rich colors and so great that you had dedicated the whole spread for your garden!. LOVE LOVE, Dawn!. Beautiful sunset :).

  5. beautiful post.. and your pics are beautiful... I love outside nature pics, they are the best! xo

  6. It's as if God reaches down with his own paint brush - and paints these pictures for us to see - if we'd just take the time to look around - you'r be amazed at what beauty there is to behold - just like you do - you're always looking around - and you've captured that beauty in these awesome pictures!!

  7. I love how you devoted a whole spread to your garden, love it and love the idea. I am so glad for Rich and that he likes his garden so much.
    Thanks for all your words and hugs, they are truly meaning alot right now.
    Thank you dear friend.
    love me :-)

  8. What amazing colors the sky has! Love it Dawn. The fourth picture looks as if the clouds are coming down to kiss the ground.
    Have sent you a mail dear friend.

  9. Hi Ladies,
    Thanks so much for all these sweet comments. I knew you'd like my PL spread just as much as I did. Those clouds/sun that morning was just amazing and I'm so glad to have captured them. You can count on that being in next week's PL pages. Thanks again for your visits!

  10. Wow, what great fotos! They are perfect for project life or scrapbooking layouts. Do it. I'm lokking foreward to see these beautiful pumkins on your projects ;-)

  11. Yep great looking clouds, I always watch em...... and yep my prayers/thoughts too for those of that tragic day... definately love garden pics!!!!