Thursday, September 6, 2012


It's almost the end of summer here in our yard,  would you like to take a walk with me thru the garden. I was quite happy to find some fall surprises for us to use this year, LOVE LOVE FALL!
Just walking thru here made me so happy and inspired me to sketch pumpkins and cornstalks, haha they need some work though before I can show you. Look at that big beautiful sky, never get tired of seeing it. Pretty soon those leaves in the back will be the color of FALL, will share a photo with you when it happens. Ok now are you ready for the walk, please watch your step we have some babies here and some BIG babies, haha!!
before we go in let's see the sunflowers. poor things didn't get enough rain and are pretty droopy right now. We had the best ones this year though, loved all the varities Rich planted.
Look at that, some sunflowers still looking pretty!
Look closely, do you see what I see???
Yes, little mini pumpkins just for me!
My sweet hubby planted them and surprised me!
They are all over the house now bringing me JOY!
just past those little baby pumpkins are these HUGE watermelons!
These are Rich's big babies, he's soooo proud and happy with these.
Watermelons are tricky to grow and so far they've all been wonderful.
How many do you see here? I can see 5 but in the back there is a little one and
off to the left I cut out a baby one by mistake. They are sooo cute when tiny.
Please be sure to walk carefully around these, Rich is very protective of them.

Here we come to another favorite of mine. When the corn is all gone these golden, gorgeous
cornstalks will be used to decorate the front of the house with. I LOVE LOVE decorating for fall, wish it lasted all year, well almost. We also give these away to friends/family and put them out in the yard with a FREE sign so we can spread the JOY OF FALL!! I see myself drawing lots of these this fall. Please don't mind the weeds, Rich does his best to keep up on it then lets it go at the end and with all the heat this summer, it took all his free time just to keep these babies watered everyday!
Here is my big babies, aren't they awesome and gorgeous!!
I LOVE LOVE growing our own pumpkins and watching them turn colors
and picking which ones to carve. These are the first 5 ready for now but in that jungle of a
garden there is more wating to be picked and admired. This might be the best year in a long time for us growing pumpkins. These are just like the watermelon and too much water will kill them. I might
have to go out and buy some white pumpkins for the first time this fall. Can you see me with a black sharpie and doodling like crazy on them or decorating with pretty things. Are you enjoying the walk
thru my garden so far, we are almost done. Just so you know it was about 82 out while taking these and I'm sweating and wishing it was cooler fall temps already. Then of course we will need cider.
I love their stems too, the weirder the better
their not very shy so here's their backsides, haha
not as cute as the fronts but I LOVE THEM
love this big spotted leaf, look at the colors. will have to draw lots of these
did I mention my faithful companion strolls with me too
the pumpkins vines have outgrown into our yard now YIPPEE
awwww look at these 2 babies getting ready to grow big
I think this will be my favorite picture of the bunch,ssshhh don't tell the babies
WOW, is that gorgeous or what!! LOVE THIS!
ok, I couldn't resist giving you a peek. I sat on the deck after all that picture taking and was inspired to start sketching right away. Just the first of many I'm sure, wait till the paint comes out!! Thank you for walking thru the garden with me. Hope it was fun and inspired you like it did me, don't you want to get a sweater on and sip cider and eat pumpkin pie now. I CAN'T WAIT TO DO ALL THAT!


  1. Oh how I LOVE fall!. I love coming along for a walk here, Dawn. You have a beautiful home and very large garden to play :). Can't wait to see all the gorgeous earthy colors and please please share with us photos of the pumpkin decorations :). I LOVE your corn stalk sketching already.

    1. Thank you for taking the walk thru our garden. I can't wait for more fall colors either and will be sure to share them with you. Will share my art when more is done also. THANKS!!!

  2. I can smell the autumn in the air as I walk through your garden - yes - makes me want to put on a sweater and sip hot cider - you weave such an enchanting story as you meander through the garden - thanks so much for taking me along with you - it was an amazing walk!! P.S. - I won't tell the babies!

    1. Hi Mom,
      I thought you'd like to walk thru the garden, now you can see it better too!! Hoping the rain overnight didn't hurt anything in the garden. I thought I'd love the babies but the pictures of the cornstalks ended up being my favorite, lol.

  3. I love your positive outlook - it brightens my day coming here! Your photos are beautiful - my favorite is the pumpkins all lined up in a row - gorgeous!

    1. Hi Michelle, thanks so much for walking thru the garden with me and the sweet comment. You brighten my day too. I like them all lined up also.

  4. Omg dawn when did you get so poetic haha lol.... yes i loved this you definately made a picture worth a thousand words and visions!!!!! Loved the pumpkins and i could use some stalks here too :-) i wont tell the babies either, you know next to christmas colors fall is my favorite colors and sights too...look at marthas halloween cataloge glanced at it , some good ideas
    Love it keep it up

    1. Hi Ann, haha I know your the poet in the family, not to worry. These pictures were sooooo worth a thousand words to me. I really tried to express my happiness in this post and think I did it well. Thanks for the tip.

  5. I enjoyed the walk through your garden. It reminded me of when I lived in Vermont. Gardening was a huge favorite of mine. We grew pumpkins, corn, and a whole lot of other vegetables. We don't get four seasons here in Austin. It's just hot, very hot, warm with a cool few days of winter. I miss a true autumn.

    1. Hi Stephanie, thanks so much for walking with me and enjoying it. I bet Vermont would be gorgeous in the fall, how nice that you lived there. That would be tough to not have all 4 seasons, no shoveling snow is good though. You will have to enjoy my photos and pretend your here with me.

  6. Beautiful garden! I love your photos and it seems like I just took a photo walk with you! Thanks for showing us just how lovely it is. I understand why you love it so much and how it inspires you.

    1. Thanks Deb for walking thru the garden with me. I was inspired by you when doing this post, love the way you tell stories with your photos. Happy you enjoyed it.

  7. You have a very large garden...thanks for the peek into your life.

    1. Hi Lynette, thanks for walking thru the garden and yes it is big but not huge. Love sharing peeks into our life. HUGS!

  8. What a beautiful walk through your is brimming with wonderful views! I love the little pumpkins the best...cute wins for me every time.
    Tracey came to visit this afternoon, and gave me a wonderful surprise! Thank you SO are so very thoughtful, and seeing your handwriting warmed my heart :) Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving me such encouraging comments. Love the colours of your is gorgeous!

  9. Thank you for letting me walk through your garden dear Dawn. I wish I was really there so that we could sit and sketch all those wonderful gifts of nature. Love everything that you've shared here. Now I'm all inspired to do some sketching:)[Actually just now I posted a series of sketches from my sketchbook]
    Your sketch looks wonderful and am looking forward to see more.

  10. When you say "garden," you mean "GARDEN!" This is incredible! I love all your pumpkins, they are such pretty colors and shapes! I'm like you I also love the stems! That's one of the things I look at when buyiing one, it must have a stem with character!!

  11. wow.. u hv a lot of land and some big garden... your pics are amazing.. and what awesome pumpkins! wow!

  12. I just wrote a big line comment..and then it disappeared!!!! :(
    Anyways, thank you for inviting me in to your garden, it's beautiful!! Your hubby should be very proud! He did an excellent job! I have just started decorating for Fall and you can be sure that it'll be covered in pumpkins, mini pumpkins and dried cornstalks from my garden. Can't wait to see what you do with yours!
    I'm jealous of the size of your pumpkins. As this was my first year they only grew to be small jack o lanterns, only a few are big enough to carve. Kind of disappointing but I'll use the rest for pies and baking :) yum!!
    Can't wait to see your drawings!