Wednesday, September 12, 2012


more pumpkins all lined up, sorry just can't enough of them
shared some mini's with the sweetest mini's of my life
a journal page in process, just playing and having fun

so here is a peek at what I've been working on, just first layers and starting more while the others dry. Will keep adding more to them and show you again later. I forgot the cornstalks, will show them later. I really love these watercolors, so many oranges to play with, makes me HAPPY!!!
I have been watching my 1st season of SEVENTH HEAVEN, STILL LOVE IT
we are watching reruns of Cosby show with the kids, LOVE IT
the mornings have been chilly, in the 40's  SO NICE
we have been wearing pants and socks all week, sigh
Sam is buried under his covers each morning when I wake him up
Renee is in 3 Chorus classes now, YIPPEE
I am going scrapping again at our church on Saturday, HOORAY
found some old receipes I forgot about, yummy
Sam's soccer season started, MISSED IT
the girls have been singing Faith Hill, sigh
I have been listening to Kelly Clarkson, STRONG
Excited about Friday night Football
Colt is saying "HI" to us sooo cute
Sienna is so SWEET, LOVE HER
Sam has banged up knees
Summer jumped rope 130 times at
I went walking 3x this week
Rich read Hunger Game books
So that's what's going on around her. Hope everyone has a good week! Thank you for the comments in my last post. I just had to squeeze in all that garden harvest, Rich was so happy about it. I bet there will be a little bit of fall in each week from now on, can't help myself!! Take care!


  1. Pumpkins make me happy too :). Love to see them glow at night and the air so cool & crisp. LOVING Fall!. Do share with us more Fall decor! Your mini's are sooo cute :).

  2. beautiful photos.. sounds like u are hving a great week, and creative time too on the weekend.. good for you! xo yay!

  3. Seriously love all those pumpkins all lined up, they are just way too cute.
    Thanks for your lovely comment and I love that you love my journal. Its been such a wonderful thing to do and it is helping way more than I thought it would.
    I did actually stitch it together, wasn't that hard at all, just straight down the centre.
    Most of my quotes I get from Pinterest but I have been collecting quotes for years, can't get enough of them.
    Its just not fair, my lotto numbers aren't coming up either LOL.
    Someday dear friend I know we will meet each other but in the meantime I am just glad we can still support each other.
    Thank you again for all your prayers and support.
    Love me :-)