Monday, March 31, 2014

T stands for Terriffic friends and for Tuesday

Hello and Happy Tuesday! What a beautiful start to a perfect spring day today, love this!! I couldn't have asked for a better first day of spring break and having all 5 kids here today. Will do a post on that later on, we so needed a spring day like this. Hope it was warm for everyone today!
I have a special guest today for T Time, I've mentioned my dear friend Nancy here before and today you get to meet her. I invited her over last week for a visit and lunch, it's been way too long since our last visit. I had some cleaning up to do before she came though.... you know the kitchen table??!! lol
Here it is all cleaned up from ATC and goodies and PL, YAY! Look at the sun coming in the windows too. I love the way it does this and brightens up this space.
I even brought out my greens/yellows finally, YAY!! Remind me next year not to wait so long
If that wasn't enough yellow, I packed up all the red/pink in the bathroom and brought out the yellow!! LOVE THIS!! My mom made the flowers in the vase to match the towels she made me.

Say hello to Nancy!! She and I had a great visit and some yummy food. I was so glad we did this, it has been too long and I can't wait to do it again. thank you Nancy for coming over and for being such a dear friend!! We will squeeze in a few tea times before the kids are home on break.
Our beverage today was ice tea, next time we will have hot tea. Our lunch was an Italian sub, fruit, chips, potato soup, chips and I actually baked some cookies and didn't burn them, YAY!! It was nice to get the plates out and have company for lunch as I do eat lunch alone most days. I think we both needed a day like this after such a long cold winter too.
Next up is a special card my sister Annie bought me for St. Patrick's day that fits perfectly for today. She was able to give me this card while we were house hunting for her last week. Good news is we found the perfect house for her and now she will be moving near to me soon. YAY!!
here's the front, she loves Thomas Kinkade
here is the inside... click on it to see better. She always finds the perfect cards for everyone, no matter the occasion. Thank you Annie, I love it and am excited for you moving into your first house!!
I have decided to start blogging more like I used too, pulling out the real camera and writing again feels good already. I shared my HELLO APRIL POST BELOW IF YOU'D LIKE TO READ IT.  I will be sharing about the 2 classes I'm taking and LOVING along with some Project Life and other fun stuff. Hope you can visit again to see.
Thank you Nancy for being a guest today and for everyone who visited today. I will be around to check out what your drinking today. We will be having another spring day tomorrow so we are headed to Scooter Dogs for some yummy hot dogs and sit outside to eat them, YIPPEE!!
As always, thank you Elizabeth for hosting us today. So happy you do this for us and enjoy it each week. Who knew there'd be so many of us who love to share what's in our cup.


  1. Lol dawn. Its just in me to find you perfect cards, did u see Kristin's, moms, heathers ??? Thanks for sharing. I hope house stuff goes quick, smooth. Thanks for going with me. Xoxox

  2. Your spring inspired post is wonderful. I love the looks of your bath. Very pretty in yellow.

    Looks like you had a wonderful time with your friend, and it was so nice to read that your sister will be moving close to you.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely meal and house for T today.

  3. Yellow is such a spring colour and makes everything look sunny. Glad you had a good visit with your friend

  4. Thanks for your wonderful comments, dawn

  5. Spring sunshine and a visit with a good friend makes for a great day doesn't it? I love all the yellow you used.


  6. I love all the sunshine in this post Dawn! Your yellows and sunny rooms are beautiful-so clutter free and pretty (unlike some of my rooms:) I also like to change a few things and colors out for changing seasons.How nice to take the time for a leisurely lunch with a friend. Beautiful St. Pat's card too. Those TK paintings are just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing and happy T day!

  7. i love all your yellow! it sounds like y'all had fun :)

  8. Your kitchen and bath look like a breath of Spring! It looks like you continued the Spring theme with the plates for your lunch with your friend.

    Happy T day!

  9. So very cheery with all the yellow and green! Your lunch looked very yummy too...those cookies look perfect! Here's hoping the snow is fading for the last time this winter and the warmer weather will stay! Happy T day + April Fool's Day! ☺

  10. Love your bright Spring colors!! Glad you are enjoying a nice spring break!

  11. Fun photos of your fresh spring look and how nice to get to spend time with special friends!
    Happy for you too that you'll have your sis closer...
    Happy April and Happy T Day Dawn

  12. Happy April dear friend
    Isn''t it so nice to invite friends over and have a fun time? Wish I lived close to you so that we could do the same. It is so wonderful to hear that your sister is moving near to your place. I bet this summer you all can have a great time.
    The weather is good and wishing you a great week.

  13. What a wonderful warm and spring time post. Love it.
    Not linking this week, be back next week. Just stopped by to say Hey!

  14. Happy T-Day!
    So glad to hear spring is finally here for you. What nice cheerful colors. Wow such beautiful handmade things from your Mom. Oh I think I will skip lunch and go right for the cookies. They look yummy. Looked like a really nice lunch with your friend.

  15. Love the yellow Dawn. Such a happy colour. As I looked at your photos I realised I don't have any yellow in my home. You have inspired me to add some somewhere. Good to see you had fun with your friend. Jo xx

  16. I'm a Fall person so yellow fits right in with me! So lovely and cheery. Nice to meet another Nancy, lunch looks to yummy! Glad your T day was fun :)
    Oh and a beautiful card--what a nice verse!

  17. It is so fun to have gf over, I desperately need one of that! : )