Saturday, March 8, 2014


Hello! Guess what, spring wishes came for us yesterday ( Friday) we got to walk on the grass and feel warm sunshine on us. It's amazing how fresh air and blue skies can make you feel giddy again, the green grass to walk on, the hope of spring just around the corner. YES, we needed this day and so my camera came out and captured a little bit of cuteness and joy from two sweet kids.
My sister just brought over this umbrella before we headed outside. Sienna was so thrilled and excited by it. She kept posing with it and said take a picture Dawn. See the sun shining on Colt, he could barely open his eyes. It was so nice to be out there be almost blinded by it, missed this feeling of warmth and magic. Good thing we left boots on since the yard was a muddy mess. SPRING!
uuummm yes she loved the umbrella and posing. She is growing up so much, will miss her next fall when all day school starts for her. Need to soak up this Sienna Time right now while I can. We made some fun art that I will show on my Tuesday post.
Look at that sweet cute face, see the sun on him!! This little burst of energy needed to be outside and getting it all out. He constantly talks and asks questions and loves to tease and laugh with me. Trucks/cars/tractors are still his favorite and I'm happy with that too. He loves to read books and is signing is ABC constantly and other little tunes only he knows. He says "butter" for everything too and laughs, not sure where that came from. Thank goodness he loves getting pictures too.
You know these are my favorites, YAY!! Our first one together of the year, notice the umbrella she made sure we could see it. This was such a perfect day, from dawn to dusk, so thankful for these little blessings and sweetness scattered thru my day. I'm still full of it this morning, so happy to share with you. One more photo of sweetness....
Looked out the window to see them walking and holding hands. She told me later that he asked her to hold his hand. SO DANG CUTE these two are together. He loves her to pieces. So thankful she has so much patience and love for this boy and other kids. They are best buddies when she is home.
Thank you for visiting and hope this brings some spring hope and smiles your way today. Some other fun new news here is, Renee starting making ATC with me and traded some and she has joined the track team. Starting Monday she will be running and working out daily for 2 hours after school, YAY!!! It will be so good for her to get out and do something good for her.
Guess what's out my window??? Little wet snowflakes falling everywhere. Thankful I caught this day yesterday and it will keep me going to spring really gets here. See you on Tuesday! HUGS!


  1. Good to see a Spring post from you Dawn. The weather has been so good and I hope we will have more sunshine in the coming days. Sienna has grown tall, it is so fun to read and see how fast they grow through your posts.
    Warm Hugs

  2. Hi Dawn! Thank you so much for posting these amazing photos! We had a day of sunshine yesterday, too, and the temps went into the 50's! We actually walked around with our heavy coats off - just jackets - because the sun felt so good! I especially love the sun shining on your beautiful children's faces, Dawn! And thank you so much for your wonderful visit to my blog! yes, Katie is home and we are going to enjoy every single minute!!! I, too, thought of you when I watched the Middle last week. Wasn't it funny? Sue Heck just cracks me up!!!!! Now it's time to look forward to Spring!

  3. Lovely series of photos. So nice to see Spring!

  4. spring! yes! i love that pink parasol. my youngest _loved_ cars/trucks/construction equipment. i learned what everything was from him; i'm not sure how he learned it. we spent a lot of time when he was little watching construction sites lol isn't it a delight how each child is different and each one a delight :)