Tuesday, March 25, 2014

T stands for Throwback Tuesday!!

Hello and happy Tuesday!! How was your week? I am doing good, nothing new or exciting to share. Thought I would do a little "throwback Tuesday" today. I am linking up with the wonderful Elizabeth  and sharing our cups for the day, I meant to take one from our dinner on Sunday so this will have to do. My theme for today is about the crazy weather and how it keeps coming back to snow, cold, wind and WINTER! No signs yet of spring except that more birds have been out.
here is Sam and Summer on St. Patrick's day 2009. Short sleeve and if you look carefully Summer has capri's on. We haven't gotten to break out the short sleeves too much yet nor especially the fun capris. Let's not even mention they didn't need coats that day, aren't they so cute and little!!
this was April 12, 2009, she loved getting chalk for Easter. Let's hope the weather is this good to play outside in a few weeks. That's my Renee and wearing her favorite shoes at that time.
here is a favorite, these two outside when the weather finally does break it's these two who can't wait to go out. They have jackets on and gloves because the ball is wet but that didn't stop them. This was March 1st 2012. They haven't had much of a chance this year with the coldness/winds we have.
I love this day too, March 9, 2010. See the snow but it was warm enough out to play and not even a jacket for Sam. Sienna had just learned about basketball and her aunt Ingrid taught her to say dribble, stop, shoot, so cute she was.
this was the day after the above picture, my nieces came over and we hung outside playing.
My first peek of spring officially being here, this was March 26 2010. No signs of them yet, I keep looking and can't wait till they start popping up. Even with snow on them I love this!!
here is St. Patrick's day 2012, was so warm out we gave Lucky a bath and we had shorts on !!
and we grilled out our first burgers of that year too!!
She's waiting to get back out there too, March 23 2013
This was this past Sunday, a light cover of snow came and reminded us again that spring isn't here. I'm ok with this crazy weather, it doesn't really surprise me anymore but I did like going back to see these older pictures and hope you did too. Spring will come when it's ready and we will go out and enjoy it then, for now we stay inside and craft and read and watch too much tv (the kids) and drink lots of tea (me).  I can handle it a few more weeks I think??!!!!
I will share some ATC next week or if time will try to post in a couple days, need to get back to more blogging I think, my friend Nancy likes to see more then one post a week from me. Hello Nancy!!
Have a great day wherever you are today and thanks Elizabeth for hosting us again!!


  1. What I meant to add to my post was, that winter is so much nicer to get thru when you get these warm breaks in between the snow/cold days. This year we didn't have any of those which makes this a long cold winter.

  2. i can remember some years having snow on easter! we are having blackberry winter, maybe. i enjoyed the photos of your family enjoying different weather in years past.

  3. Nice remembrance photos Dawn. You and I are still having the same crazy weather patterns. Last year by now our forsythia hedges were abloom and as of yesterday you can hardly even see the buds:(

  4. Fun seeing your photos ...
    March is definitely a fickle weather month
    but the good news is we are much much closer to Spring than we were before (says me watching the snow falling here in Virginia ;) )
    Wishing you a Happy T Day

  5. March is so unpredictable in so many places. This was fun to see the difference from year to year.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  6. Throwback Tuesday was fun! Isn't it crazy how different the weather can be from year to year.
    Happy Tuesday!

  7. Great post, loved seeing your pictures, the last one is getting rather old (grin)

    I named my post Throwback Tuesday too, but for different reasons.

    Have a great week.
    Happy T-day

  8. What fun to see this assortment of fun pix. We are having more of the cold/snow here, too. What I don't like is the ice, because it makes the sidewalks so treacherous. Only for a few more weeks, though. Happy T Day!

  9. OMGosh :) it snowed all day here too! What Spring is this---love your other years photos much better :) Happy T day

  10. loved your photos of past years! I remember a couple of years ago when it was almost 80 in Ohio in March...sheesh. wishing it would warm up soon!

  11. I think the weather is pretty messed up everywhere, just this week, when we are still hoping for autumn rain, we are being told we are moving into a drought. I'm very tired of being hot, just as you guys are sick of the cold

  12. Looking back at old photos sure is fun, I hope Spring arrive soon for you!!!!

  13. Good to see the old photos of the same months Dawn. This year it is like we are having 6 months of winter/snow. I miss the flowers too. Hope at least by next week things will look sunnier.

  14. Happy (day late) T-Day!
    What a difference in the weather! It's so nice to look back at old photos especially of the kids. Even the kids enjoy looking at old photos. Hope you have some warmer weather soon.

  15. I just got home and am so excited to see this T post. I was going to ask people for a retrospective T, but now I don't think I can, since you beat me to the punch.

    What fun to see how different each year has been and how cold it's been this year. I hope it starts to warm for you. It was so cold, wet, and windy today, I didn't want to leave Kathy's. Boy did I get blown all over the road.

    Thanks for sharing your throwback T this week. I hope it warms for you soon, too.

  16. Hi Dawn! Thank you for sharing your throwback photos with us!!!! I loved reading about each and every one of them. I especially love the photo of your burgers on the grill with your shadows! So creative! And I HOPE that winter and snow is almost over, too! I, like you, THINK that I may be able to handle a few more weeks, but I am definitely ready for SPRING!!! Hugs to you, my friend!