Tuesday, March 18, 2014

T stands for Tea and Two Project Life pages, YAY!!!

Hello and Happy Tuesday! Today, I am linking up with others at Altered Book Lover where Elizabeth hosts us in sharing what's in our cup today. I'm not sharing what's in my cup today but what's going to be in it soon. I did a tea exchange with one of my ATC traders who lives near by. We agreed to send 10 different ones and here is what she sent me. I haven't tried any yet, but I will later today. I actually sent her some of these same ones, can't wait to try them. The weather is still cool and windy here so having hot tea almost daily is still a good idea around here.
I want to say a BIG THANK YOU again for your prayers and good wishes for Sienna and Colt's dad!! He made it thru the surgery and is doing good. What a relieve to have this behind them and move on to what's next. So very blessed and thankful for this!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!
here are more of my lists for March. If you click on it you can read them better. There are a few I really enjoyed doing. Still love that I did it PL style too, I've never mixed so many kits before but it's making me happy seeing them all here. I will share more again next week.
So excited to share a Project Life spread with you today, YIPPEE!! It's been way to long!! I love this green/black combination, was inspired from another Project Lifer. It's feels like spring seeing all the green. Just ignore the few snow pictures, lol. Last Wednesday the kids had another snow day, my back got much worse last Tuesday so the kids went out and shoveled for me. I spent a lot of time walking around the house, stretching and sitting with a heating pad due to my back.
Here is another PL spread, tried like heck to do the writing in time to show you today, sadly ran out of time but still wanted to show you. I love the right side with my new Christian PL cards I got at JoAnn's, so happy they came out with these. Kristin had to give a small speech on her mission trip coming up to the church and I wanted a page just for it. The left side is a mix of fun things, like my new dishwasher, YAY!! I'm going to catch up on my PL and keep sharing it here, can't believe how far behind I got. There isn't enough hours in the day to do all I want, not sure how women who work and craft get things done. Will get the writing done today and move on to February's pages.
How about some Mandala love today too, I've missed these so much!! Dawn at girlunwinding was so sweet to send this to me some time ago. I have it on my kitchen ledge and admire it daily but kept forgetting to take an actual picture to show you ladies. SPRING COLORS!!! Can't wait for spring to come so I can make mandala's again. It will be my first spring making them them, YAY!! Thanks so much Dawn, this was such a sweet surprise and I love it!!
I know several of you like these pictures just as much as I do!!! It was even more gorgeous then it is in the picture. We haven't had many sunrises and a few sunsets but this one was GORGEOUS!!! What a great way to end a perfect Sunday, love when that happens.
I have to run to the store this morning after the kids leave and then I will be back to visit all of you and see what your up too today. My goal is to get more PL done and get some new ATC out the door today. Will share some ATC with you next week, I made some cute ones that I want to keep for myself.  Have a great day today and thank you for the visit!!
p.s. I know most of you will probably share some ST. Patrick's day pictures. I didn't have anything like that but I did go out to eat corn beef and cabbage with my dad last night and forgot my camera. the kids used to dress up in green and wigs and funny things when they were little, I should dig some of those up to show you, so cute!! Hope it was a nice holiday for those who celebrate it.
Thank you for hosting us today Elizabeth, so sweet of you!!


  1. Your assortment of teas looks interesting. Nice to have a choice isn't it? That mandala is charming.


  2. Fun idea to swap teas! The Twinings Ceylon Orange Pekoe and what I think is the Darjeeling in the purple package behind it are two of my afternoon favorites!

    You PL spreads are beautiful, as is the mandala and the gorgeous sunset you shared!

  3. A tea swap sounds like such a fun way to try new flavors without committing to a whole box. Your PL pages are really beautiful and so neat. Love the mandala-such pretty colors! And yes, a gorgeous sunset is the perfect way to end a day. Happy T day!

  4. i'm so happy for your family that the surgery went well! :)

    that bigelow orange spice tea is one of my daughter's favorites. i'm wondering how the pomegranate one tastes.

  5. GORGEOUS sunrise is right!! WOW! God does paint a beautiful sky.

    PL pages are great, thanks for sharing them. Happy T-day

  6. Nice to be able to swap tea with like minded drinkers (grin). I'm sure you will find something you like from this selection. Dawn's mandala is gorgeous. She always makes great art.

    Nice to see you are getting caught up with your PL. So many of my art friends do it, too. If you are a scrapbooker, it must be addicting.

    Thanks for sharing these teas for T today.

  7. Oh, a tea exchange! What a fun idea! Hope you found a good one out of your mix. I love your PL book. SO organized!! I'm jealous.

  8. Your PL book is great--so many people are doing one--good idea :) Glad everyone is better.
    Your sunset is Gorgeous!
    Have a great tea day :)

  9. Nice to see your PL pages again Dawn. That is so great to have different flavored tea packs, so fun to try each pack a day. That sky is gorgeous. I am yet to start taking nature photos. Home is just keeping me busy, so no T post from me. Hopefully I'll do something on Friday or Saturday.

  10. I'm sorry to hear about your back. Hope it is better now.
    Take Care

  11. Lovely news to start with!
    Now those teas look great. I fancy the pomegranate one! Sending a hug for your back.
    Enjoy your tea!

  12. Happy T-Day!
    Oh I hope your back is better now. Such good kids to help Mom out!
    Great PL pages ... thanks for sharing them.

  13. I never do anything for St. Patrick's Day. You did more than I did eating your corned beef and cabbage--LOL!
    I can relate to the back issues. I hope you're feeling better. A heating pad really helps me!
    Great exchange and gift from Dawn--and I love a good sky pic!! Happy T-Day! :)

  14. I love your sky picture. beautiful. looks like you are catching up with PL. If I send you some hot weather, will you send us some rain? It is terribly dry here!

  15. Absolutely gorgeous photo of your sunset on Sunday! yes, a wonderful way to end the day! And I love your beautiful PL pages, too. And thank you so much for sharing the mandala! (I remember making them with you in Marit's and Michelle's class!!!) And we did not do much on St. Patrick's Day either! Just had corned beef hash! (I am 1/2 Irish!!) Take care, my friend, and thank you so much for sharing your joy of life with all of us!

  16. Tea exchanges are fun...I've done a couple myself. It's fun to sample new things without the commitment of a whole box. :)

  17. Hi, sorry I am late. I ran out of time to visit everyone's blogs on Tuesday, so I'm here on Wednesday instead. Thanks for your comments on my last post.

    I really like the green/black PL spread too. What a striking color combo. I have a friend who wants to scrapbook but feels like she wouldn't have time, and I am trying to get her to try PL. I think it would be fun and easy for her.

    Have fun sampling all those new kinds of tea that you got in your swap!

  18. Hi Dawn, I love your project life pages. I especially like the green and black combo. I often get behind with my project life. Mostly the journalling. Don't know why. Btw love the sunset photo. Hope you get some nice warme spring weather soon. xx Jo

  19. GORGEOUS!!! Love your PL spread! The colors of the sunrise is simply amazing!!!! So is the Mandela.