Tuesday, March 4, 2014

T Stands for Tuesday and more ATC fun

Hello and happy Tuesday! I'm linking up at Altered Book Lover  where Elizabeth is sharing what's in her cup today. All you need to do is have a cup/beverage to show and talk about whatever you want. It's almost as good as sitting down and having tea with her and the others sharing today. Thank you Elizabeth for hosting us each Tuesday, so glad I can be here to share with you.
I want to say a big THANK YOU for all the sweet comments last Tuesday about my newest ATC obsession.  A lot of you have done them and shared links to them and more for help and inspiration. THANK YOU for that and for some of you wanting to trade with me too. It's been so fun connecting with others this way. I'm still obsessed with them and have some to share with you today, YAY!!
In the above picture, I'm enjoying a cup of hot tea and making some new ATC. I had the idea of using a brown paper bag and recycling a pop tart box, LOVE THIS!!  No box is safe in my house now, there is a small stack piling up in my craft space to be cut up and used. For this first set I made paper bag blooms and LOVE THEM!! Figured we needed some spring and flowers around here.
here are the rest of my supplies, book paper and punches
the end resulted into these cuties, paper bag blooms. I traded these and had to make doubles and triples of some of them to have enough. I also ended up making one with paper butterflies on it and had 3 of them get traded. YAY!! I wish you could see them in person, they look much cuter then this picture. I have more ideas for using these supplies again, so fun using paper goodies.
I woke up yesterday with an idea already in mind, love when that happens and here is what resulted...
I think I love these more but it's a close tie. I wanted banners and the colors kraft and yellow together. I did the kraft ones and decided they needed some white ones too. Wanted to keep these simple and easy to make more of if necessary. My favorite one is the 3 butterfly one in the bottom row. YAY for that being the first one someone asked for, then the owl and another owl and 3 for the inspire one. Slowly the rest are being asked for too. You can click on the image to see them better.
So do you have a favorite out of this set and the paper bag blooms?
I have no idea what my next ones will be, might try doing something more collage like.
These are the very first ATC I received that started all this. I saw them and wanted them, she made a set of them and I was lucky to get two of them. Aren't they so cool. Lots of layers in there.
here are the ones I received over the weekend and I just got more last night. I love all of these so much. Some I picked and one was made just for me. They are so neat to see in person, love this part. All these years of seeing everyone's art on the computer screen and wishing I could actually hold it and really look at it, now I can!!! Seems I came into this at the right time since 4 of them have just started doing these with me. We are learning together and enjoying getting all this beautiful happy mail during the week.
Did anyone else hear that the movie FROZEN won for best Animated movie and the song Let it Go won for best song of the year!!! YAY!!! I wish Sienna and Colt were old enough to understand that.
I started my 30 days of list and will share them with you next week along with my new daily book paper sketches for this month. Somewhere I need to squeeze in some Project Life too.
Thank you for your visits today and hope you have a great week. Can't wait to see what's new with everyone today. I will be stopping by to say hello. Stay warm or cool wherever you are. HUGS!


  1. I love the ones with the banners best, but they are all lovely. the good thing about ATCs is that ou can do whatever you want. Do you know what I often use for my base? Old playing cards! They are just the right size and I often pick them up very cheaply at the charity store. But I do collect cardboard boxes, just like you.

  2. Dawn, you are really rockin' the ATCs! I can tell that you are having lots of fun, and isn't that what making art is all about? So nice that you have a lot of trade request, too. There are yahoo, flicker and probably other groups where people trade them, too.

    I couldn't begin to pick a favorite, but the tea banner one jumped out at me today!

  3. i love those paper bag blooms. it's so creative that you have many new ideas for the same supplies!

  4. That's what I love about ATCs. They can be made in series called editions, or as a single gift. I used to host swaps on my Yahoo group, so I may try to do that on my blog, too.

    I'm with you. There are too many projects for the limited number of days in each week. It's fun to squeeze something extra in each week, though.

    Happy T today and thanks for sharing your ATCs with us. BTW, my fav was "grow," something I apparently forgot to do, since I'm 4'11" tall (grin).

  5. You are on a roll with the ATCS-they are all just delightful!!
    PS I haven't forgotten you-I'll be running errands tomorrow and will stop and put something in the mail for you:) Happy T day!

  6. Hi Dawn, wow, you are really getting into ATCs, and they look great. It's fun to see the ones that you have received, too. I need to try making some, because they look like so much fun. Happy T Day!

  7. Wow! you are on a roll with ATC's. I think it is so much fun to create these small cards and even more fun when you get to swap with others. I wish I too could join, maybe a couple of months later when I get some time to sit and create them. The 3 butterflies card is one of my favorites too. Love your Spring theme Dawn and I hope it visits us soon.

  8. Gosh you are doing a great job on these. Love the paper bag ones. They look great. Well done you.

  9. Happy T-Day!
    I've read a lot about ATC but never made one myself. Oh so fun. Love the banner ones. I love the simple design and the color scheme.

  10. So nice to see you having such fun with ATC's...
    sweet flowers and little banners and more you are creating Dawn...
    using food cardboard is a great idea and recycling project too :)
    Hope you had a lovely T day

  11. Your ATC are fantastic. Email me your addy and I'll send you some too. I love making ATCs for trading, and that is why I DID keep my smaller scraps. Now I have one drawer full of scraps just for ATCs...LOL

    Thanks for always stopping by and leaving such wonderful comments, they always feel like they are from a close friend.

    Happy T-day, even if it's late.

  12. You are on fire with your ATCs! They look beautiful Dawn! I think if I had to pick a favorite it would be the one that says "grow" with the four flowers. But they are all beautiful! Thanks for visiting my blog and can't wait to see your lists!

  13. Such lovely ATC's...I haven't made any in quite a while and you may have just pushed me in that direction! Just saw Frozen this weekend and it was adorable...gorgeous music and animation! happy T day a bit late :)

  14. They are kind of like chips...bet you can't just have one. Love the bloom ones!!!
    Sorry I'm late but I did manage a post...a day late and all. :)

  15. Thanks for your extra little message. Much appreciated!

  16. Hi Dawn, I have never really tired making ATC's. I guess it is like making cards?? I might give it a go. What I would like to know is what do you do with the ones you make and the ones you receive?? I too was excited about frozen winning oscars. It is such a good movie.
    Enjoy the rest of your week. :) Jo

  17. Never made ATCs myself, but these are really nice and I like that you recycle boxes like pop tarts! ;)
    Happy very belated T-Day! :)

  18. I have loved seeing your pages on IG Dawn. You are very dedicated. Thank you for the inspiration. xx Jo