Monday, March 31, 2014


Hello to Rich's new mower and hoping the snow goes away so he can mow
Hello to our anniversary on April 1st, YAY!!!
Hello to lots of birthdays this month
hello to Easter and Lent
Hello to spring break this week for the kids
Hello to Sketch into Spring class with Alisa Burke, LOVING IT
Hello to the Boot Series Workshop with Christy Tomlinson, can't wait!!
Hello to my sister moving into her new house, close to me, YAY!!
Hello to my other sister moving out of our town, sad face and tears
Hello to Earth Day and Elizabeth the host of T Time's birthday
Hello to the farm park and new spring babies to see there
Hello to new flowers blooming that we planted last fall, YAY!
Hello to spring soccer season, YIPPEE!!  umm go away snow and cold
Hello to movies coming out to see
Hello to warmer weather finally coming and staying I hope
Hello to finally get a routine of walking at track
Hello to going to Scooter Dogs for awesome hot dogs and fries
Hello to me getting a  new cell phone
Hello to anything else that may come my way this month. We are in the home stretch at school too, time flies so fast right now and the kids are anxious already for school to be over. We are on break this week and have a couple of warm days coming so maybe we will go outside and enjoy it. I know I'm ready for the kids and myself to put down the electronics and go outside finally.
This is what we woke up to yesterday, 3 inches of snow and a beautiful sunny sky. I went for a walk and took pictures, dreamed about mandalas and gathered some nature things to use for my Sketch into Spring class, will be sharing what I did with them. I also went to a crop at my church and got a little done in my Project Life which I will share later this week. I will see you back here tomorrow for T stands for Tuesday and sharing someone special to me and what's in my cup, hope you come by.
What are you saying hello to this April?


  1. Always love your HELLO posts Dawn. Wishing you all the best things for this month.Wow! to Alisa Burke's class. Please do share your art from the class and even Christy's. Congrats on your new phone. We are also hoping to get better temperature here.
    Have a great week

  2. Like Susan, I always love your monthly HELLO posts. What a great post from the very beginning with Rich's new mower to the last, where snow has once again blanketed your ground. And thanks for the shout out about my birthday, too. So sweet of you.

    Since I don't even own a cell phone, I'm thrilled to read you got a new one. Yes, I'm so last century in that regard.

    Hope the weather improves for you soon. I bet Sam won't wish for snow anytime soon as spring finally (and hopefully) arrives. See you tonight or tomorrow.

  3. yes, we got more snow in Ohio this week too, but only about an inch where I live. but still. quite ready for it to go away! Said hello to warmer weather and sunshine for the first day of April--hope the weather isn't Foolin' us!