Monday, March 10, 2014

T stands for Tuesday and Tons of art fun

Hello and HAPPY Tuesday!! Can you believe it's been a week already, really where did it go. No more blinking for me, I'm trying to slow down the days. Well, you know what today means, we head over to Elizabeth's  to share what's in our cup today. As you can see it's not about what's in my cup today but WHERE is my cup. We got a new dishwasher, YIPPEEE!! It's been a year and half since the last one broke and I have wanted another one. I don't usually mind doing dishes, but it means some days my sink/counter always have dishes in/on them. I like knowing they can just go right into the dishwasher and not be seen. Hope you get a kick out of this Elizabeth, I try to come up with different ways to share each Tuesday. I already have next Tuesday's planned too, pretty sure you will like this it too. I can also relate to how you were feeling 2 weekends ago, my back has a kink in it and being a pain. Not sure what's wrong but hurts to sit for too long and in the mornings after sleeping. It doesn't hurt but it's a cramp of some kind that's just annoying and makes me walk/sit funny. Other then that I'm doing great and enjoying the spring like temps we've been having. See the post below from this past Friday, spring was in the air and still is today. YAY!!
Big THANK YOU again for all the wonderful support and kindness from everyone last week on my ATC. You've been so good to me and it warms my heart and keeps me motivated to keep going. Today though I am showing some other fun stuff along with a little ATC pictures.
here are my daily sketch papers, picked flowers as my theme this month. I actually got behind and whipped up most of these in one sitting. Sienna was next to me whipping up her own too. Click on the image to see them better. I will show these again next week, hope I can get them done, lol. 
Here is some new way of making art with Sienna. SHE LOVED THIS!! We closed our eyes and took a crayon without looking at it and just scribbled till I said stop. We then picked another crayon without looking and did this 4 more times. Since she is 5 we used only 5 crayons. After each scribble we also turned the paper. Here are two of the ones we did, the rest she took home. LOVE!!
here is another art in a new way. We picked out 5 crayons ahead of time then drew whatever we wanted on it. Her side is the left and mine is the right. After each crayon we traded sides and drew something without looking at what the other was doing. Hope this makes sense. I liked that we could just make whatever we wanted and not know how it would come out. SHE LOVED THIS TOO!
Here are some owls that I'm obsessed with drawing right now. My new class with Junelle Jacobsen " Saturday Morning Blocks" just started and these were our first lesson. She is so fun to learn with, have taken several of her classes and love them. Her style is free and loose, more whimsy and not so perfect,  I love this part!! I'm practicing/sketching and hope to show you some painted next week. Trying to take my time and just enjoy the process, no rush or stress. Might make these into ATC for all my Owl loving friends too, quite a few of them enjoy owls. Here are a few more peeks...
They are so much cuter in person, made some small ones to get a size for the ATC, so cute and tiny. I'm also trying to make them more funny looking, not serious, practice practice!!
Here is my newest ATC, loving the colors and splatters of paint on here!
here is what it looks like after I take off the masking tape. A tree, needs another branch on the left side maybe but I love making them. I forgot to take a picture but I splattered dots on it too. Made some more of these today and will probably keep one for my Project Life and just to keep. LOVE!
I'm really excited to share this with you today. It's my first 10 days of 30 Days of Lists. I am so glad to be doing these again, it's been a couple years. I am also happy I kept it simple, in the past I try to make it all pefect, fun, colorful, sketchy, but this year is just simple!! Click on the image to read the cards better and sorry for the glare. Each day I just picked out a random PL card from any of my kits and although some of them could have more written on them, kept it short and sweet. YAY!! Will share again after the next 10 days are done. The green title card will be decorated eventually too.
Whew, I squeezed it all in here. Just had to share all this fun with you, hope you made it thru and enjoyed it. Can't wait to see what everyone else will be sharing today, always something that inspires me, teaches me something new or brings a smile to my face. Remember to read the post below real quick just to see the cute little ones and our spring weather day. Their dad has surgery this Wednesday, extra prayers are much appreciated. THANK YOU!!
Have a great Tuesday and Elizabeth, thank you for being such a sweet and awesome host!!


  1. Hi Dawn, I love your owls. So cute. I am doing Junelle's class too. In fact I've done them all. I feel happy knowing you are in the class too. Have you made a block yet? I was thinking of sharing mine on my blog when I have painted one. Just need my husband to get me some blocks. :) I also love your 30 days of lists. Super fun idea. Jo xx

  2. Hi Jo, thank you for the visit and nice comment. I'm happy your in the class too, YIPPEE!!! She is the best isn't she, so funny and sweet. I haven't done any blocks yet, just sketching. I too will need to get blocks from the store. Please share yours too, I would love to see them. The list is so much fun! Thanks again, HUGS!

  3. I love how you are always having a go at so many can keep at a challenge, which I something I can't! And I love the drawing with Sienna (granddaughter?)

  4. dishwasher! 1.5 yrs is a long time to wait. So fun that you and your GD have a great time making art together. A budding artist. :)
    Happy Tuesday

  5. Enjoy your new dishwasher...nice that the new ones are much quieter than the older models...
    Your drawings on text pages are great fun along with all of your other drawing fun ♥ owls!
    It is nice having warmer days feels good to be able to get out for a walk
    I was just reading about how different sleep positions can tweek your is the link to a really great site:
    Happy T Day to ya

  6. Hi! Lots of great creative ideas from you again. Thanks for sharing it all. I was especially interested in the ideas for art to do with kids. Happy T Day! :)

  7. Well just look at all the fun you're having Dawn! Your drawings are great. Great tree ATC. And I love your crayon idea- what a great way to spend fun, creative time with a young un. you certainly seem to make the most of your creative time!

  8. i enjoyed your post. our owl is still around, and your sketches bring him to mind :) i like your drawing project with the 5 crayons. those are frameable! i'm ashamed to say that my dishwasher works just fine, and i've still got dirty dishes on my countertop and in my sink *sigh*

    30 days of lists sounds like a helpful project.

  9. GREAT post Dawn! I'll have to try the crayon thing when G-ds are here next time.

    Your ATC is really great, love the masking tape to create silhouette.

    Glad to see you did get some sun shine, yes spring is around the corner, well, it is here where I live already.

    Thanks for stopping by, have a GREAT week, and keep up the PL daily journaling.

  10. I had to laugh at the year and a half. I haven't had a dishwasher since I moved to Wichita. I left the last one I owned with my house in MO. There was simply NO place for one in this tiny kitchen. I even contemplated a portable unit, but still no place to store it when not in use. So I'm extra happy for you, especially since Bleubeard won't raise a paw to wash OR dry.

    You have some truly lovely pieces of art today, and the the crayon exercises you did with Sienna were quite interesting. The fact she took them home with her makes it even more meaningful, I'm sure.

    Glad that you are keeping up with your 30 days of lists. I've made a few lists this month, but they aren't very interesting or worthy of sharing, I'm afraid.

    Speaking of sharing, thanks for sharing all your activities this week. It was fun to see what you have been doing, and T(ea) is always a great time to share.

  11. Dawn, I can see how things are back to normal for you again. You are so busy with so many things. I'm so happy for you. Congrats on the new dishwasher. Your flower theme sketches are cute and Sienna's drawings remind me so much of my little one's. Your owls are coming out great. I would love to see them colored too. I too love this masking tape technique and your ATC looks great. How nice to see different versions of the 30 day lists. I like your idea of saving them in the PL album.
    The weather is so wonderful here. I hope it is the same way there too.

  12. Wow, you are busy :) love the art pages and it's always fun when a little one is inspired by your work.
    Have a great t-day :)

  13. Happy T-Day!
    I just might have to try your crayon idea myself. Sounded like such fun and loose. Love your flowers and owls. You have so much going on ... I am exhausted. I think I need a nap. Actually I think it's the allergy that's making me so tired.

  14. The fun and joy just flowed right out onto the paper!
    Happy T-Day!! :)

  15. what a cute post...a new dishwasher?! lucky you! your owls made me smile. If you get a favorite owl finished that's too big for an atc, you can take it to a copy store and have a color copy reduced in size. then you can add it to an atc...just a thought. enjoyed all your projects...but especially love your PL cards at the end. happy T day!

  16. Good Morning Dawn!!! YAY! A new dishwasher! You are so lucky!!!! And I absolutely love everything about your post. The Owls are adorable! I can't wait to see more! And your tree with the resist masking tape technique is awesome. But my favorite is that you are enjoying art with Sienna! It looks like there is an art journalist born!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your love of live with all of us, Dawn! I really enjoy visiting your blog!!!! Have a nice day. We are supposed to have warm weather again - a touch of spring!

  17. Congratulations on the new addition to your family. I hope your dishwasher will be very happy in your kitchen!
    Love those owls and your drawings with Sienna. When I retire I am going for art lessons!

  18. I LOVE coming here to read your updates, in life, in arts, your PL project, thanks for sharing a wonderful post!

  19. Wow - your owls are adorable Dawn! So so cute! There is always so much fun and news in your posts - love them! The scribble pages are so fun, and what a good idea for a five-year old. I bet she had a blast! Love your masking tape tree too!