Sunday, October 13, 2013


Hello and Happy Sunday!!
My heart is bursting with happiness and blessings today, always seems to happen on Sunday's. I have so much to say and lots of photos to share and it's hard to choose which to share. This will also be a busy week for me so feeling overwhelmed about that too. Wish me luck!!
We have been enjoying the most perfect and amazing fall temps this week!! I can't get enough of it and want it to last for months. The sky has been just as amazing too, look at that above, LOVE!
My oldest Kristin is full speed ahead on getting her mission plans ready and is assistant in Jr. Sunday school class now too. SOOOO proud and happy for her. Will share more on this later.
Please keep my grandma in your prayers, some days are harder then others. Can't bear watching her go thru this and her getting older. Pray for her family too please, they do so much for her.
We will not be having pumpkins in the garden, we made two mistakes and are sad now. Went out and bought our pumpkins and realized how big the kids are and it's not quite as cute and it was packed so not good enough photos for this trigger happy mama. Sigh
I have the best hubby in the world, have enjoyed him so much this week. He is making cookies right now too, so happy he can bake. Took good care of all of us and the chores and more this weekend.
Feeling blessed for the wonderful and supportive friends here online too, thank you!
For my mom, thanks mom have enjoyed you this week! Annie thanks for the book you got me!
Now for some photos of our week!!
Around here we've seen lots of pumpkins
Shahrul, these two top pictures are for you, YAY!
our sad end to the summer garden
LOVE having pumpkins and our first ever mums!!
I could sit out there all day and be happy. Thankful for Rich buying everything and working hard to plant and get new dirt and plants/flowers. Happy the kids helped to get it ready also. Usually we have LOTS more pumpkins but when you have to pay for them it makes it harder to buy LOTS! I'm a simple girl though and this has been making me smile all day!! THANKS FAMILY!!
He is obsessed with making bracelets, this new kind?? LOVE IT
It was a HOT day our for getting pumpkins too, Summer is sweating here
I LOOOVE this!! One day they won't be here and will just be the two of us so for now I walk slow and hang back so I can get these type of pictures. Yep, I know crazy!
Outside looking in....Colt's cars lined up in the window, SIGH
Inspired by a sweet fall book, YELLOW!!!
All thanks to this amazing guy! Ignore the bad picture, he was being funny and wouldn't quit. We hit Walmart this morning to finish up the flower bed before the rain came. He gets so much done in a day and it's so fun having him home on weekend. It was so nice to have this quick little date just the two of us and him making me laugh the whole time. I love this little life of mine.
Thanks so much if you read thru all this. I had so much to share and wanted to get it all out at once. I had so much I could have still shared, lol.... love taking pictures of all the fall fun. Now to fit them all into my Project Life pages, will have to do some collages maybe.
This will be my post for now instead of link-ups for the week. It is a busy week but wanted something fun to share and hope to make you smile like it did me!!
Have a wonderful week and thanks so much for reading!
Nancy, I will see you tomorrow at Bible Study!!!


  1. I can feel your wonderful vibes through the computer!! so happy you are having a great autumn~ love all the pumpkin patch pictures. We have been enjoying this unseasonably warm October as well. It is nice to get out and enjoy all that fall is offering with out that nip in the air. It will be here soon enough, I imagine. Have a terrific week!!

  2. I enjoyed seeing YOUR neighborhood and the front of your newly decked out home, too. Your photos captured the essence of autumn AND the pumpkin patch.

    Am a bit curious about your pumpkin mistake, though as I viewed your "spent" garden.

    So glad you still are able to take photos of your kids. I'm impressed by how well behaved they are in front of the camera. And they are naturals, too. Wow, Sam and Rich look SO much alike. I didn't realize it until I saw a few pics of them together.

  3. Dawn-Your love of the world around you and for your family shines through in this beautiful post :)Thank you for sharing.Fabulous photographs-those Pumpkins are amazing,and how fabulous are the Spring bulbs :)
    Hugs,Nessa xx

  4. Heaven is somewhere near the corner of that first photo-:) It is amazing. Love all the pumpkins. I got 2 mini ones for the kids.Dawn, Love your fall art, those yellow trees look very good.

  5. Hi Dawn!!!!! WOWZA! Your photos blew me away this morning, my friend. I agree with Susan, Heaven is definitely near that first photo! I love, LOVE it! Thank you so much for sharing your joy and happiness with all of us. I always come away from your blog feeling happy and refreshed. I really like the fall photos and it looks like you and your family is having a wonderful time enjoying Autumn! Thanks once again, for your amazing blog!

  6. Lovely photos of this special season...
    I imagine you retaking the photo of the kids from behind each year to help mark the passage of time which certainly does whiz by so quickly!
    Enjoy ♥ Enjoy!

  7. Love all your pics - and your welcome - it was a fun week for me too - thanks for including me in your very busy schedule - love the pumpkin patch and the kids and hooray for all the flowers - your yard looks amazing - have a good week ahead and take time to breath it all in!

  8. OMG!! Soooo many pumpkins!!. That makes me smile this morning. LOVE LOVE the Alice in Wonderland decor, thanks!!!. Everything looks so lovely in the Fall, sorry about the garden but you know you'll have a beautiful spring garden next year!. What?. He's into beading & jewelry making now? :) . Lovely sketches there, hmmm I have not been sketching for months!. I'm still hibernating, LOL. Love for your grandma too. HUGS.