Thursday, October 3, 2013


Hello, how are you? I'm doing well and have been enjoying the most perfect fall weather all week, LOVE THIS!! I want to say a big THANK YOU for the wonderful comments on my last post, so glad you enjoyed my art and calendars. My thumb is doing much better too thanks you for the feel good wishes, it worked. Still can't do a couple things with my hand but it is better, YAY!!
Today I'm joining in the wonderful ladies from OUR BEAUTIFUL WORLD  where we our sharing pictures using the prompt for this week TOGETHER. I love this word so much and think of it often during my Project Life process and storytelling of our family. I love sharing at this place, it's filled with all positive and beautiful things from all over the world. I love doing this each week.
First, look how pretty this picture above is, I love this!! Wishing the bits of pink would show up better for you to see. It was magical though and all that pink just made me happy. I love when the sun coming up in the front shines into the back yard making it extra magical and beautiful.
This picture was taken this past Sunday, early in the morning after I had just read what the prompt for this week would be. My husband decided to go outside and check out the sky and the sun coming up. I'm so glad I joined him this morning, it was perfect timing with this prompt and to see the sky.
LOVE that I got this picture of US TOGETHER!! I'm lucky that Rich always says yes to taking pictures of us, there is a good amount of them lately. With this word prompt still on my mind while enjoying the sky and quiet time with my husband, I realized how again how lucky I am to still be with him. We have had our shares of ups/downs during our marriage but we are still TOGETHER. I love knowing that we are and how committed we both are to staying together. I can't imagine life without him, he is my rock and loves me for me, never changes me and always thinks of me. He does it in the little things each day and I'm forever thankful for him and all he does.
This picture was the best out of 5 that we took and that I will have this beautiful memory always!!
I have to share one other favorite TOGETHER moment with you....
These two have a special sister/brother bond. I always wanted a brother, it's no secret and that I love having a boy in our family of girls. He has it rough sometimes because of this but he has one constant cheerleader, pal, sister, best friend who shares the same weirdness and playfulness in life. She has loved him from the moment she held him, just a tiny 3 year old with a BIG heart for babies. I think she really thought this was her baby and didn't like sharing him with me, could sit for hours holding him and rubbing his hand. This love just kept blossoming over the years and is still thankfully there today. Together these two melt my heart and make me so happy that they have the sister/brother relationship I dreamed about for myself. I'm thankful each day for these two and their love for one another. I hope it stays this way thru adulthood and into their own kids one day.
This picture above is special because I witnessed them without them knowing. While doing laundry upstairs I saw them thru the window and loved how relaxed they were with each other, enjoying their time TOGETHER!! This is what they do, and here they had pulled out a blanket and were sharing the same headphones listening to music. Others seeing this wouldn't think anything of this picture or the two of them but lucky for me I know their story and I'm here daily watching it and loving it. They hug each goodnight each night and thru out the day, they say I love you without worrying what others would think, when one is hurt the other hurts with them. I could have asked for a better pair of TOGEHER siblings. Lucky I had my camera again with me this day, it never leaves my side.
Now Kristin my oldest will be reading this and YES YES YES I know you love your brother just the same too honey. But these two are closing in age and grew up together in front of me. I will never forget the way you love him and enjoy him too. You always rocked him before bed when he was a baby, loved kissing his cheeks, always laughed with him and constantly telling him he's the best brother a girl could have and that he isn't allowed to get married because you are HIS GIRL!! For that I'm thankful each day too sweetie. He's lucky to have you both on his side in this world. Thank you for loving him as I do and being so good to him. He is just as lucky to have you too!!
Thank you beautiful ladies for another fun prompt for me to use this week. I am happy to be linking up with you this week after missing it the last couple weeks. Thank you for giving us this chance to share something beautiful together and from all around the world.
To see more pictures and to JOIN IN THE FUN please visit OUR BEAUTIFUL WORLD 


  1. Family love and togetherness are SO PRECIOUS!!! Wonderful share dawn, thanks for linking up this week at Our Beautiful World!

    On the side, I just read your comment and got your email, I will contact you shortly, thanks so much!!!!

  2. Oh Dawn, that is just precious!.... I could have written this about my two girls - with an older sister who looks on too and loves them both as well. (no boys in my family - even have sibling sisters of my own!) Lucky you who has a hubby who takes and likes pics... I have a shy one!!! Its a lovely read!

  3. That is a beautiful sight!. Over the last few weeks, there has been a changed in my sleep pattern. Somehow, I'm not sleepy until 4 or 5 a.m and then goes to bed, so I always miss the morning sun. It's cool that I still enjoy morning sunrise from Ohio :).

    To see these togetherness, warm my heart. Family IS everything, isn't it?. What a lovely share with us @ OBW this week!. Thanks, my friend :).

  4. Oh my goodness, Dawn! I absolutely LOVE this post! your photos are amazing - the one of you and your hubby is awesome and just makes me want to smile right along with you! Thank you so much for sharing your 'together" post! I loved reading it and seeing your lovely photos, too!

  5. Your posts always touch my heart ... your speak from your heart and I can feel your joy in your family ... You're a special lady ... Love your photos ... Thanks so much for sharing with us at Our Beautiful World!

  6. I love love that selfie of you two.. Greg and I love doing that too.. it's so fun! Love this post.. so full of happiness.. love fall too just like you do! xo

  7. Just simply beautiful :)You are very lucky to have such lovely children who look out for each other-they obviously have had good values instilled iinto them,something you don't always see theses days.
    Thank you for stopping by my little Blog-and for saying Hello :)I have visited your Blog before-and it is lovely,have joined you as a follower today and look forward to chatting to you.I see you are doing Project Life-I m only just dipping my toe into the world of scrapbooking and Project Life seems a very good place to start-I like the smaller scale (the 12x12 just scare me lol!)I have just bought the clear pages and printed off some photographs so just need to get cracking now!
    Have a lovely day,Best wishes,Nessa xx

  8. Love all the three photos Dawn. I always love your sky pictures.The last two are precious. Isn't it awesome to take the kids photos like this? Wow! Sam is so lucky to have 3 loving sisters.

  9. reading this post and seeing your pictures is touching and it is clear how dear you hold your family. a perfect post for the 'together' prompt at OBW.

    have a beautiful weekend.

  10. I love the photo of the two of you together, and how happy both of you looked when this photo was taken. The kids looked really relaxed, too. They really MUST be close, because they are so intent on whatever they are doing. That makes for great subject matter and good kids, too!

    Sorry I missed this over the weekend. I'm glad your thumb is better. Wish I could say my back has healed, but that simply isn't the case. See you soon!