Friday, October 18, 2013

Our Beautiful World.... CHILL

Hello and HAPPY TGIF!!
Over at Our Beautiful World  my dear friend Shahrul picked the prompt this week..CHILL
This picture shows the first time we went to the beach this past summer. I always have my camera ready for that first reaction to the CHILL of the water. Usually we go earlier in the summer when it really is chilly. This day was in August though and the water still wasn't that warm. See how the kids are keeping their shoulders hunched up, trying not to get too wet and cold, so funny. This year you can see Renee was the first brave one to get all the way in and Sam is always last. I have taken these pictures over the years and love looking back at them and comparing them. Once they all get used to the water, a good 15mts later it's hard to get them to come out and at the end they beg to stay longer.
Thanks Shahrul for the fun prompt this week. We have a CHILL in the air today as the fall weather is finally coming around. Lately it's been feeling warm and almost summer like. I am seeing more fall colors popping up this week around my yard and town, YAY!!! We are headed to the apple orchard again next week. Will share pictures if the leaves have changed enough to look different from the last time we went. It's looking like rain for the next week so hoping to dodge the rain for some pictures.
Thanks so much for the visits and comments on my fall post below, makes my day!!
Today is homecoming and Renee has her special dress all ready to go. She is going alone this year and plans to dance away with her girlfriends. Will show pictures next week.
Have a great weekend and please stop by OBW to see others who are sharing this week.


  1. Great capture of the CHILL~
    that first slap of cold water on your thighs will certainly make you feel alive.
    Happy homecoming to your girl! I hope she has a terrific time and makes lots of special memories with her friends. Hope she takes some pictures, too.
    Have a great weekend! hope its pretty where you are.

  2. Lovely photo .. I can feel that chill! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Our Beautiful World!
    PS your link does not seem to be working for this post ... I came via a previous entry

  3. Oh I remember this trip to Forida, Bonita's home :). Wonderful that the kids finally gets in the water, I missed the ocean too ... before college, I used to go camping out on the beach for days, stargazing at nights, I don't swim ... so getting my feet wet or sit in the water was fun enough :). Thank you for this lovely share with us at Our Beautiful World!. HUGS.

  4. Fabulous photograph Dawn! I can almost hear those teeth chattering!
    Have a lovely weekend ;)
    Hugs,Nessa xx

  5. I can totally relate to your kids chilly water will always do the same to me too. Regardless of this been the Caribbean I find the water too cold on winter to even venture there, LOL
    Thanks for sharing it with us at our beautiful world

  6. Before I even read the words, I saw that Sam was hunched and stepping slowly into the cold water. What a great memory you have created for those three. That's a great photo for the prompt.

    Of course, if you want CHILL, you could have come to my house on Friday and found rain, sleet, and snow. So much for summer's last grasp, as the big chill is definitely on the way. Hope the rain has stopped in your area.