Thursday, October 10, 2013

HELLO OCTOBER....Our Beautiful World

This is my favorite month, right in the middle of fall, the weather is perfect and magic happens. I like driving down the streets of my town in awe at all the colors on the trees and the leaves on the ground.
I'm joining the lovely ladies at OUR BEAUTIFUL WORLD  with the prompt OCTOBER and what it means to us where we live. I love the idea of seeing fall all over the world, some places are going to have summer soon and others it's snowing already. Feel free to come by and say hello to them!
Hello to orange trees glowing in the sunrise
Hello fall sunrise
Hello to YELLOW
HELLO to getting our Thankful Leaves ready
HELLO to our first mini pumpkins in the garden
HELLO to the last bonfire and smores of the year
HELLO to costumes and trick or treating
HELLO BIG PUMPKINS in our garden
HELLO to trick or treating with cousins
HELLO to jumping in leaves in the village
HELLO to watching Sienna for 5 years now this month...sigh
HELLO to the one month countdown to Sam's birthday!
HELLO to Sam asking for snow now
HELLO to Sam hoping it will snow on his birthday like it did the year he turned 6. He woke up to this beautiful winter wonderland and played in it all morning and night.
HELLO to me not being ready for him to be 12, wishing he was going to be 6 again!
HELLO to my favorite month and holiday's, could live with fall all year. Sorry, Sam no snow for me thank you. Every year I fall more in love with this time of year. I loved going back thru these pictures and remembering all the fun and laughs we have had. Hoping this fall will be just as special.
Thank you ladies at OBW for letting us share our beautiful pictures with you each week. I don't really have one favorite, they all mean so much to me. Feel free to choose a favorite if you'd like.
Have a wonderful week and thanks so much for the comments on my last post!!


  1. O boy, you really do love October! I think to have your very own pumpkins from your very own patch would be terrific! Cheers to all your joy!!

  2. This looks like a true blue October, fall foliage, pumpkin, trick or treating, how fun, thanks for sharing your wonderful photos with us at Our beautiful world Dawn, it is always good to see you here!

  3. Thank you Dawn! I love seeing your photos and reading your post ... wonderful again! Thanks so much for sharing at Our Beautiful World!

  4. I'm a bit late getting here, but I'll blame it on this time of year (grin). If you see my Silent Sunday post tomorrow, you will see how green and summery everything still is here in my part of the world. No turning leaves, no brown leaves, no colored leaves, NOTHING but green leaves. I guess when my part of the country catches up to October, it won't be nearly as beautiful as yours.

    All of the photos really show your love for October, leading up to Halloween. So who is the biggest lover of the day, you or the kids? Bet I know the answer to that one (grin).

    Seeing your marshmallows reminded me of a visit to the grocery store this week, where they had these behemoth marshmallows. Must be about three of the regular sized ones. When I saw your photo, I think you must have found them, too.

    I love pumpkins, but haven't been able to grow them. The last time I tried, they got some kind of bug that hit them from the center of the plant. The extension office (where the master gardeners work) told me it was my soil. I bought some sterile potting mix and tried again. Same bug got to the plant and eventually killed the entire vine. I'm glad you don't have that problem.

    Have a great weekend and maybe enjoy one more s'more!

  5. Indeed October has arrived !!. Stunning season, it's beauty every where, the trees and even the grasses!. LOVE to see all the flashbacks when your children are younger, look at baby Sienna :). Can't wait for candy time too. Time flies, soon there will be no time but every moment is the NOW moment.
    Thank you so much for sharing the story with us at Our Beautiful World!. Hugs.

  6. Hi Dawn-Fabulous photographs-lovely mix of what October means to you :)
    The sunrise picture is amazing-i love to watch the sun come up,there is something quite magical about the promise of a brand new day isn't there?
    Hugs,Nessa xx

  7. Hello to you again Dawn :) I'm so happy to see you share my love for autumn and this month. I'm always very much looking forward to it. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and lovely story with us at OBW. Always enjoy your entries. Hugs and happy October, Wendy

  8. What a perfect October you have summed it up real nice! love the mini pumpkins and the big ones as wee. Would love to fall on that pile of leaves and see the sunrise...Thanks for sharing it with us at Our Beautiful World!

  9. Beautiful October Dawn, your pictures are lovely. The first one and the orange sky picture are my favorite nature pictures. Your past family photos are so sweet. Sienna looks so adorable as a baby. Sam and Summer's photo is also very cute. This is my favorite season too love love the colors.