Sunday, October 20, 2013


Hello!! Look what's in my yard, a little bit of fall color is popping up!!! YAY!!! My leaves aren't the big bright color gorgeous ones but just seeing this makes me HAPPY!! I decided to walk around and see what was in the ditch, not much color left but still some pretty colors and fun stuff. Let's go....
here is a favorite spot, love the reds and bright green with little pops of white
lots of green and browns
I love this too!! 
here is what little of flowers was left but gone now from the rain we just got. Next up is my mandala that I finally got to make. Wasn't sure the weather would be nice enough but bundled up and went out to gather some goodies. The wind was still blowing so I had to bring it all inside.
My first FALL Mandala, YAY!!! So excited about this one. I haven't made a mandala in sometime so it was very nice to relax and play and find joy in the new nature goodies I found. These colors are pretty together and make me HAPPY!!! All of it from my ditch, who would think those bits of weeds and leaves could make something pretty and bring joy to ones day!!!
Thank you Dawn for always inspiring me with your Mandalas and letting us share with you. Please head over to her blog and check out her mandala. Dawn also has a request due to a recent sad incident that happened. Her husband lost his wallet and when returned all his money was gone. This makes me upset, it was a sizeable amount and I'm sure they needed that to take care of their family. It can't be replaced or found again and my heart goes out to them. Dawn is asking us to please go out and do something nice for someone else, a stranger or someone you know. Go spread joy, go make someone's day brighter, it doesn't have to be big. I love this idea of showing others there is still some good and positive and honest people in this world. Even stop by and say hello to and wish her a good day today. Thanks so much for helping and thanks again Dawn for being so sweet!!
Please join me tomorrow for some T at Elizabeth's. I will be sharing some cute pictures and a cold treat. Might even have some leaves again, remember I LOVE FALL!!!  HUGS!!


  1. I think this may be my favorite mandala, yet. Well maybe it comes close to the Dali-esce veggie mandala, but this one is truly awesome. I can see why you like autumn so much.

    I'm not quite sure I know what project you're talking about, but if it was awhile ago, it was my BASEMENT I was referring to. I decided to dedicate the entire month of September to getting that basement back in shape. I thought I had given myself plenty of time, but it still took me well into October to put the finishing touches on it.

    As for November, I join the Art Every Day Month project each year. You can see the link on my right sidebar. I hope that answered your question. Again, I love this mandala.

  2. Morning Dawn-Even in that ditch there were some beautiful shades of Autumn:)
    Love your Mandala-I can remember making these as a child-(all the time!) I might just have to get in touch with that inner child again and have a play:)
    Have a lovely day,Nessa xx

  3. I declare, this is your sweetest Mandala!! :). LOVE the berries & the little white flowers, make the mandala so special this week. Who knew what treasures to be found in the ditch!. Wonderful grasses & weeds, so different from where I live ... I always love coming here to check them out :). HUGS.

  4. How much fun was that, trekking round in the ditch looking for surprises that you didn't know was there, lol
    Love the starburst effect, like the center just exploded out!
    Great red berries, too. Loving their sheen.
    My husband found a dollar on the ground on Sunday and a random dollar in his pocket this morning. I laughed and said, "oh look honey you are recouping your loss a dollar at a time". LOL
    Thank you for your support. I am always honored and appreciative of those that are drawn to my blog and I to theirs. I am happy to witness the vibrational resonance of where I stand by the expression and evidence of those around me. I will carry your warmth with me today. Thank You

  5. Ooooh, I've just learned about mandalas!! I've never heard of them before.... I totally love your arrangement with such pretty colours and shapes.. I think this is something I'd love to do....

    Your garden pics are just delightful... I sooo get the seeing of different colours among the foliage and flowers.... just gorgeous!

    Now...I'm off to research mandalas!!!

  6. Hi. Yes I love that mandala pic too !!!! Of course all are pretty. Sorry on friend and $$ lost, really just not right ... I will pay it forward somehow. Love tallish tones on pics. Lol